Why Small Businesses Should Choose a Private Cloud versus AWS or Azure Public Cloud Storage

The days of maintaining on-premise networks and storage systems are behind us. Cloud-based applications and remote working require companies to move storage needs to the cloud. Popular options include public storage using vendors like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, hybrid or private cloud options. This article will review the pros and cons of each type of cloud-storage option.

Cloud Storage Options

Public cloud storage options are also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and provide a range of different services including application hosting, data storage, data backups, and archival storage. The National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) defines public cloud storage as a resource shared by multiple organizations. A private cloud is a resource used exclusively by a single organization. A hybrid provides the features and benefits of both public and private storage where the organization’s data is separate but the organizations share technology and infrastructure.


Cloud storage allows providers to scale their usage without purchasing or upgrading hardware.

Since the providers purchase and maintain the storage hardware, they provide their services on a rental or subscription basis to end-users. Public cloud providers co-locate many clients on a single drive. When a customer needs more storage, they upgrade their subscription, and the provider allocates more storage to them.


Cloud storage is flexible and accessible to users in any location. Users can collaborate using cloud-based applications and share and analyze data from multiple sources. This type of accessibility is vital for companies utilizing work-at-home employees and remote teams.

Lower Maintenance and Management Costs

Cloud-based storage is a subscription or pay-as-you-use solution. It’s no longer necessary to purchase hardware and pay for installation, upgrades, or maintenance. The cloud provider also services and maintains cloud storage equipment. Your IT team is free to focus on security, regulatory compliance, and other pressing concerns.

Improved Business Continuity and Data Backup

Cybersecurity attacks are a top concern for all small business owners and their IT teams. Phishing emails, BEC, and ransomware demands threaten to interrupt business operations by accessing and breaching sensitive operational and customer data. Public and private cloud services provide data recovery and back-up process alleviates a lot of the potential damage of data attacks. Cloud-based storage systems can be secured by software and endpoint protection systems ensuring data is safe and backed up.

Drawbacks of Public Cloud Storage

Public storage solutions tend to be generic, pre-packaged offerings designed to be quickly set-up and configured. Users usually sign up for a subscription-based on the amount of storage they need. Large vendors like AWS and Microsoft Azure provide limited support with basic subscriptions. If you need additional services like enhanced security, HIPAA-compliant services, or extended support, you will have to pay more. Since these services can be scaled, costs can balloon if the services are not being actively managed. Some client have experienced problems with the multi-tenant architecture. In these rare cases, data is inadvertently shared with other tenants. Lack of support is a critical issue. Cloud storage users must depend on their own staff or consultants to manage and maintain their cloud services. In some cases, vendors have even tried to solicit end-user clients from managed service providers.

Benefits of Using a Private Cloud Storage Solution

The Mathe IT Fortress private cloud services solution looks at your entire IT infrastructure and combines different backup and security solutions into one cohesive cloud solution. A customized, private cloud solution is uniquely designed for your business. Cloud-storage experts work with you to meet your specific needs. You will not pay for services you don’t need, and you can depend on a support team to monitor your cloud solution for cybersecurity and other risks.

Our services include security and monitoring services to meet regulatory compliance needs. The Mathe operations team makes sure your data is available anywhere in the world at any time.

Not sure whether to use a public, private or hybrid cloud solution? The Mathe IT Fortress team will conduct a complete assessment and help you make the most cost-effective decision for your cloud services needs. Call Mathe at 973-334-1700 or contact us via our website.

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