Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits

The recent migration to remote work setups has significantly been out of necessity due to the COVID-19 situation. However, the new trend comes with potential issues.

With more people working remotely, cyber attackers have now shifted their focus to home networks. Furthermore, the push to remote environments has also been a costly affair as organizations are forced to provide mobile devices and laptops to complete their tasks from home.

Thankfully, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has come through for numerous organizations, allowing them to maneuver the hurdles of remote work, boost efficiency, and achieve collaborative teams despite them working from different locations.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop refers to an entirely cloud-based inclusive app and desktop virtualization service by Microsoft. This Azure-powered remote work solution comes with built-in compliance and security capabilities for a secure virtual desktop environment for your company’s end users. As a result, your teams to sign in and out of the platform from any device.

Virtual desktop platforms continue to revolutionize operations across sectors. The technology allows your teams to access vital company data and digital resources conveniently and securely. On the other hand, organizations consider the infrastructure as a scalable alternative that reduces both operational and capital costs.

Deploying a properly defined Virtual Desktop solution will ensure a seamless remote workstation and control of your corporate platform. In addition, the immense benefits of this advanced system are presented to the employees and the entire organization.

How A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits Your Workforce

While a VDI can improve your organization as a whole, your employees will be the biggest beneficiary of the advanced remote work solution. Here are its key advantages to your staff:

Device Portability

In a typical office environment, employees need specific hardware to access the desktop. Also, you can’t access applications in an operating system from a different device.

A virtual desktop fixes these issues, letting your workers use portable devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to access your desktop. It’s platform-independent and grants workers access to processes via portable devices.

Constant Desktop Experience

The BYOD policy allows staff to use their personal devices from home. It may be a MacBook, Dell PC, or a surface tablet. End-users have no restriction on the type of device or hardware they use, and they can access their cloud-based portal. Notably, the virtualized desktop will appear with all the software, resources, and work tools they need for their respective tasks.

If the device fails or an employee has to access the portal from a different one, they’ll not be required to set up anything. Regardless of their location, they will quickly get everything up and running.

A Centralized and Efficient Infrastructure

Without a cloud-based infrastructure, your IT teams will constantly worry about each particular device. Implementing an excellent virtual desktop system alongside your BYOD strategy simplifies your IT functions. With this technology, your IT staff can control the cloud environment from a central point, including the virtual desktops.

A centralized IT infrastructure lets you set up firewalls and push updates. It’s also easier to manage and secure your data when it’s all in a central location.

A Flexible and Productive Workforce

Every organization strives to increase business productivity, precisely what Virtual Desktop systems are designed to offer. With this flexible solution, your teams will be more agile as they leverage the virtually-hosted desktops. What’s more, they’ll easily access any applications and windows from any location and on any device. As a result, you’ll achieve a modern, flexible, and productive workspace.

Work-Life Balance

Understandably, no one enjoys sitting on their desk all day to complete their tasks—staff long for a relaxed and comfortable environment. Even though most organizations try to create the ideal atmosphere, no place offers this more than home.

When employees work from a hosted virtual desktop, they can balance their professional and personal lives. There’s no need for a daily commute to the office, so there’ll be more time to spend with family and less mental and physical stress.

Easy Maintenance

Since all your applications and files are managed from a central location in the cloud, there’s no need for multiple employees to download, install, and update programs on individual devices. Any updates and system maintenance can be completed in one swoop, and the tweaks will reflect on everyone’s device. As a result, IT teams can easily keep track of the company’s software assets.

How a Virtual Desktop Benefits the Business

Your organization has everything to gain by deploying a robust Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Here are the solution’s primary benefits to your company:

Reduced Costs

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can substantially reduce your business expenses, and the transformation will be evident immediately your system is up and running. No more expensive hardware that requires distinct licensing.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy additional slashed costs down the line as well. Not only will you streamline the upgrades, but you’ll also cut the time spent on repetitive IT upgrades across multiple devices. The money and resources saved can be reinvested to improve your operations and develop a future IT strategy.

Advanced Security

Migrating your organization’s data into a reliable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure lowers the risk of hardware theft, loss, or tampering. For instance, Windows Virtual Desktop is built on a similar security structure as Microsoft Azure. This means you’ll enjoy benefits like backup, identity management, and database security.

Microsoft invests more than a billion US dollars on security annually and is home to over 3,500 security experts focused on maintaining system security. This means you’ll access the most advanced security solutions available.

More Control

Virtual Desktops grant you control over sensitive data and applications. Data will be safely stored, and confidential information will be managed from a central location to prevent losses. What’s more, it’s easier to apply critical updates, and network admins can limit unauthorized access to specific resources and prevent viruses from entering the system.

Notably, virtual desktop solutions limit users from saving or copying data anywhere else other than the server. As such, it’s harder to leak confidential information.

Virtual Desktops For Business Supplied By Mathe

Virtual Desktops by Mathe have transformed businesses in the current coronavirus pandemic age. The immense benefits are felt by workers and the organization in general. So if you’ve migrated to a remote work system and haven’t yet adopted this revolutionary technology, then you’re missing out.

Talk to us about deploying a robust virtual desktop infrastructure to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

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