We Offer Cloud-Based IT Solutions for Manufacturing & Engineering Companies

  • Does your plant manager require easy access to their desktop wherever they are in the factory?
  • Do you worry that technology downtime could affect your productivity and profitability?
  • Are you concerned that insecure IT could compromise your intellectual property and manufacturing secrets?

Through a managed IT services model, we help to answer the main technology concerns that manufacturers have. We take an end-to-end, proactive approach to provide IT solutions for manufacturing & engineering companies to identify and stop potential issues before they cause costly downtime. We also a cloud-based virtual desktop known as IT Fortress to ensure that your team works more efficiently by providing access to user desktops on any internet-connected device.


Cloud Services For Engineering and Manufacturing
Cloud Solutions For Manufacturing and Engineering

Benefits of IT Fortress for Manufacturing & Engineering Companies

IT Fortress is now on dozens of factory floors because of the convenience it provides. A user can now enjoy a full MS Windows desktop environment with nothing more than a display, mouse, and keyboard plugged into a compact interface. With our solution, you get the benefits below:

  • Maintaining uptime and improving the dependability of your IT systems
  • Easier data management
  • Faster adoption of new applications and technologies
  • Increased agility to keep pace with technological change
  • A higher level of cybersecurity


Mathe Helps Gallant & Wein Stay Connected And Productive No Matter Where They’re Working From

Gallant & Wein is a family-run, wholesale electrical distributor. They service electrical, datacom, and security contractors across the tri-state area, as well as nationwide through e-commerce.

Their multi-branch business is active every day, working with their customers, and maintaining their productivity, all of which depends on the availability of their IT systems. In order to stay connected to their data and productive during business hours, Gallant & Wein relies on Mathe.

Before working with Mathe, however, Gallant & Wein struggled with an unreliable IT environment, due in large part to their outdated approach to IT management.

““I love Mathe, there’s never a time when they’ve been unreachable, I communicate with them 24/7 when needed. I’ve had several opportunities over the years to switch Mathe out, and I’ve never felt comfortable doing so.””

Jeremy Gruman
Gallant & Wein
Cloud Services Electrical Product Distribution
Manufacturing & Engineering Cloud Solutions

Features of IT Fortress

For a manufacturer, technology must become a tool that enables efficiency, higher output, and a positive impact on the bottom line. Higher industrial production is only possible if end users can take advantage of available IT resources to enhance production without worrying about their maintenance or reliability. IT Fortress is a virtual desktop solution that helps you achieve these goals by having the following features as standard:

  • No onboarding fees
  • Windows Server 2016 desktop
  • Three months of data backup (additional retention is an optional extra)
  • Setup and configuration of apps at a low hourly cost
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  •     Data loss prevention
  •     Managed threat response on the platform
  •     Edge security with included website filtering
  •     Optional virtual CIO


Boost Manufacturing Productivity with a Secure Virtual Desktop

IT Fortress virtual desktop is the flagship of the IT Solutions for Manufacturing & Engineering Companies that MATHE provides. For only $150 per user, per month, you get dependable and scalable virtualization and a range of associated managed services that relieve your team of day-to-day maintenance tasks so you can concentrate on production. If you need to find out how IT can work for your manufacturing or engineering company, talk to us.


What's Happening In The World Of Information Technology?

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