Cloud Services For Accounting Firms Across The United States

We Provide Robust, Full-Featured Accounting Cloud Services

Our progressive accounting cloud services are the best choice for your accounting firm of any size.

  • Do you run a small accounting firm on a tight budget?
  • Do you want access to a reliable virtual desktop environment with the latest accounting software?
  • Do you need to ensure that your files are secure and have all the latest software patches and antivirus definitions?
  • Do you need support for legacy applications and software in a secure environment?

Undoubtedly, MATHE’s cloud services for accounting firms answer all these questions and more. We offer virtual desktops for accounting firms and other cloud services for your accounting firm that you can access on any internet-connected device, wherever you are.


Cloud Services For Accounting Firms
Cloud Services For Accounting Firms

Benefits of IT Fortress Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Mathe’s cloud services for accounting firms are popular with leading accounting firms across the United States. Many accountants can enjoy a range of unique accounting cloud services. Desktop virtualization makes the lives of accounting professionals much more manageable. Some of the specific features of IT Fortress services that an accounting firm would find useful include:

  • Anywhere access: You can easily access your desktop no matter where you are, as long as you have a portable device connected to the internet
  • Save money, time, and effort: IT Fortress saves your staff from the tedious tasks of routine hardware maintenance, application installation, and software maintenance
  • Secure data storage: We ensure that your data is kept secure via backups made on redundant remote servers
  • Scalability and flexibility: With your desktops hosted within a virtualized environment, it is easy to scale the solution to your requirements

Find out why many of the top accounting firms across the United States are connecting with Mathe for all their cloud services.  Mathe is your reliable accounting firm cloud services partner.


Mathe’s Cloud Services Help Keep Topche & Company’s Accounting Data Accessible, Backed Up And Secure

For years, Topche & Company has trusted Mathe to take care of their IT. We provide crucial day-to-day maintenance behind the scenes, and oversee major projects like their move to the cloud.

Topche & Company LLC is a boutique certified public accounting and business consulting firm. The staff consists of approximately 20 specializing in servicing the financial needs of closely-held businesses and high net worth individuals.

There was a period in time around 2010 when we did explore a different IT company for two years, it did not go very well. Unfortunately, there were things that this IT company would promise, and then ultimately not deliver. We’ve been back with Mathe ever since.

Brian Yawlak, Partner
Topche & Company LLC
Accounting Cloud Services
IT Support Services For Accounting Firms

Features Found In Mathe’s Cloud Services For Accounting Firms

IT Fortress provides accounting firms with cloud services including a virtual desktop with extensive capabilities at a low monthly price and without any onboarding fees. Besides, some of the critical features of MATHE’s cloud services for accounting firms are:

  • Three months of data backup
  • No onboarding fees
  • Setup and configuration of apps at a low hourly cost
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Managed Threat Response system on the platform
  • Edge Security with Website filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Geo-blocking
  • Optional virtual CIO


A Highly Secure and Optimized
Cloud Services For Your Accounting Firm

Of course, reliable technologies and robust cloud services are vital for the productivity of any modern accounting firm. Therefore, MATHE’s IT cloud services for accounting firms gives your firm dependable and scalable desktop virtualization at an affordable monthly cost of just $150 per user, per month. Talk to us and let us provide a cost-effective virtual desktop featuring your accounting packages of choice.


What's Happening In The World Of Information Technology?

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What Is Mathe's Cloud Services For Accounting Firms?

VDI stands for the visual desktop interface. It is a cloud-hosted desktop that you can access on any internet-connected device, wherever you are.

Does Mathe's Accounting Firm cloud services guarantee the security of accounting data?

We ensure your data to be perfectly secure since you get 3 months of data backup on redundant remote servers.

What are main visual desktop capabilities?

You will get a VDI with extensive capabilities. They include intrusion detection, data loss prevention, geo-blocking, setup and configuration of apps at a low hourly cost, optional virtual CIO, and more.

What is the cost of cloud services for my accounting firm?

Get dependable and scalable desktop virtualization at an affordable monthly cost of just $150 per user, per month. According to your initial requirements, exact costs may be different. Schedule a free consultation to get your personalized quote.

How to get updates on more IT solutions for accounting?

For more tech insights on accounting and more, check out the Mathe blog.