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There have been countless breaking headline news articles informing the public of a new cyber threat or cyberattack. In those articles, we are made aware of new victims who were targeted in said attack. In 2021, we have witnessed the amount of damage a cyberattack, particularly a ransomware attack, can have on a business of any size.

While many organizations invest thousands or millions of dollars in technology, many of them still find themselves victims of cyberthreats and cyberattacks. This often happens because many do not consider one of the weakest links in cybersecurity, the human element.

Businesses and organizations recruit talent in different departments, but there should be no assumptions that each employee will be knowledgeable or skilled in securing sensitive and confidential data. Cybercriminals are skilled and they are using advanced and sophisticated techniques to breach networks and servers to take control of confidential information.

How can businesses and organizations ensure their employees are aware of cybersecurity and everything it entails? Cybersecurity training is one of the best ways to create awareness in employees as well other users, including customers. Businesses and organizations are responsible for making sure employees and customers are aware of basic security measures to create a safe experience for everyone.

Recently, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order that is aimed to address cybersecurity concerns. Cyberthreats and cyberattacks are serious economic and national security challenges that need to be taken seriously.

One Mistake Can Be Costly

We mentioned the role of the human element as it relates to cybersecurity. If employees are not properly trained on cybersecurity, one mistake by an employee can lead to a disastrous situation. One of the greatest risks to network security is uninformed employees.

Without the proper training, cybercriminals will eagerly take advantage of human mistakes by using advanced hacking techniques. Typically, employees will use mobile devices; open Wi-Fi connections, and social media without knowing the relevant security factors.

Employees who may not know how to spot a phishing email can quickly become the victim of a phishing attack or other cyberattacks. One attack on your business or organization can lead to a loss in brand reputation and significant financial losses.

What Types of Cybersecurity Training Are Available?

With so many advances in technology, all types of training have transformed in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Virtual training
  • Visual aids
  • Simulations
  • Monthly or weekly updates

The type of training can differ dependent on a variety of factors, including the availability of your employees and the time that has been set aside for training. Training time can depend on the scope of the training material that is needed. Businesses and organizations should include employees from all departments in cybersecurity training sessions. However, there may be a need to separate training sessions because your IT staff will require more thorough training regarding IT systems.

Cybersecurity training should include a variety of topics, such as the following:

  • A thorough review of cybercrime
  • Different hacking techniques that are used by cybercriminals
  • Password security
  • System and software weaknesses
  • Importance of data security
  • Desktop security
  • Virus, malware, spyware, adware
  • Examples of recent cyberattacks

Benefits of Cybersecurity Training

It is evident from recent events how necessary it is for businesses and organizations to have a well-planned and executed cybersecurity training program. Businesses leaders need to understand the differences between education and training. Education offers learning and subject understanding. Training will require employees to be hands-on in such a manner that they can perform crucial functions effectively.

Build a Solid and Secure Foundation 

If your business or organization provides proper cybersecurity training then you are increasing your chances of building a solid security foundation inside the workplace. You can worry less about data breaches or the costs associated with recovering from a data breach.

If a data breach does occur, your IT staff can take immediate action because they will know immediately what should be done. Quick actions by your IT staff can save confidential and sensitive data.

A strong and secure security environment can have a positive impact on how your business or organization executives future policies and processes.

Reduce Risks

When employees attend and understand the training sessions, they will acquire knowledge about what is considered proper online behavior and what is not. The more knowledgeable and aware your employees are, the more risks you can eliminate. IT staff will also find it easier to identify the current and potential security concerns because they will be aware of what to look for.

During cybersecurity training, you can allow your employees to experience a simulation incident of an attack. You can also encourage your employees to step into the shoes of a cybercriminal during the attack. What information do your employees will think a cybercriminal will go after first? When your employees can think like a cybercriminal, this will allow them to stay several steps of the cybercriminals.

Better Security for Customers and Clients

If you want to provide your customers or clients with the peace of mind they need when they entrust you with their data, cybersecurity training can be one of the keys to achieving this.

Your customers or clients are vital to the success of any business. Online safety is always a topic of conversation, and it deserves to be. When your employees are viewing customer information and transferring it to other departments, your customers or clients want to know that their information is traveling safely between the machines, networks, and systems.

When you establish that solid security foundation, you can also encourage others throughout the workplace and you can motivate your customers to care more about cybersecurity. Your business or organization can ensure its customers that it cares about their data and will take the proper steps to protect all of it.

When your customers are satisfied with the services and/or products you are offering, they will happily spread the word about your business and how it cares about customers and their safety. Your business or organization can also post safety precaution notices on its website for customers who are interacting with your web page.

How can you know if your cybersecurity training efforts are working? When you notice more employees are doing the following:

  • Taking the extra step to keep their computers and mobile devices locked
  • Avoiding phishing emails and reporting them to the department leader
  • Avoiding clicking suspicious download links that
  • Creating strong password

Although it is crucial to implement the proper system security measures, it is also important to remember that the efforts must be ongoing and it will require the support of everyone in the workplace.

Mathe can offer your business a complete cybersecurity solution for its leadership teams and staff. It is critical now to have this training with all the ransomware challenges facing businesses today. Call us today at (973) 832-0489 to schedule your free consultation.

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