“They were great to work with, their tech support was great, their knowledge, they’re always up on everything. The security, the HIPAA compliance, everything you could ever want in a company, and they’re easy to work with.”

Southern California Fertility Center

“Working with Mathe means that Heath Village Retirement Community can depend on a much more robust and reliable infrastructure for their SARA system. They’re very professional, you can’t ask for any service better than them,” says Diane. “They work well with our IT vendor, they coordinate very well with everyone involved. They’re a quality company to work with.”

Heath Village Retirement Community

“Mathe doesn’t just provide IT management and direct IT support — they go above and beyond to help wherever they can.”

Huntington Reproductive Centers

“The Mathe team carefully planned out Pathstone’s new infrastructure, ensuring it would provide the resources, availability, and level of security necessary to keep the staff productive and their clients’ data protected. All of the security, all of the protection, Mathe delivered that on day one.”


“In addition to being available 365/24/7 and actually be able to speak with a human who can help, Mathe has been an invaluable asset in our transition to a more sophisticated and comprehensive IT environment. Under Mathe’s tutelage and guidance, we’ve moved to a state of the art stable and reliable network. Mathe must be commended for their forward and proactive thinking for integration of current hardware and software. Be it hardware or software, Mathe has always been there to fine tune matters as we have moved forward. Simply put, the Mathe team is a good one.”

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science at Saint Barnabas

“Mathe helped me take my company from disastrous outages and outdated technology to the leading edge and held my hand the whole way while being available to my needs 24/7/365. The peace of mind they provide is priceless.”

Gallant & Wein

“Your listening skills were evidenced by the well thought out solutions that you delivered to us. The ability that you possess to easily communicate with our Management Information Systems was also a critical service.”

Tiffany and Co.

When reviewing our performance, Mathe´s customers and partners frequently cite our knowledge, ability, directness, attentiveness, and rapid response to any system issues. Whether working with Healthcare practices, Financial groups, corporate or non-profit organizations, we listen to your company´s specific needs and deliver unique solutions for whatever those needs may be.

“When we first met, you promised that Mathe would treat our 18-user network with as much care and attention as you would treat a 200-user network. And, without question, you have. When our backup drive was down due to manufacturer defect, you personally came to my office and prepared a manual backup. You have been there whenever we need you‐promptly, and with the highest level of professionalism. I don´t know of any other firm who would treat a small network like ours with such consideration and respect.”

Corporate Subscription Management Services

“Perhaps what I liked best is your directness. I called, you called back, I asked specific questions, you answered, clearly and briefly. You said you would do it, and you did it!”

Primary Asset Management, Inc.

“Your genuine concern and superlative ability to help us during [our LAN failure] kept our downtime to a bare minimum. What impressed me initially was the fact that you dropped everything and, in turn, dedicated an entire day and part of another to do everything possible to retrieve the network itself, recover all the vital data we lost, and bring our system back online. In addition, you took the time to explain exactly how it happened and what steps we would have to take to prevent it from happening again.”

Aston Communications

What's Happening In The World Of Information Technology?

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