Retirement Community Trusts Mathe To Keep Their Critical Alert System Optimized

The SARA nurse call and alert system and Mathe are an integral part of Heath Village Retirement Community’s life-safety processes.

Not only is it the primary way their residents notify healthcare workers and support staff of an immediate need, but it’s also integrated with their residence-wide systems to raise the alarm in the event of flooding or a fire.

Who does Heath Village Retirement Community trust to take care of their SARA system?


Mathe Works Hand In Hand With This Retirement Community’s Software Vendor

Heath Village Retirement Community is a full-service retirement community, housing 400+ residents on an expansive 100 acres of property, and providing four levels of care.

Diane Horner, Director Of Maintenance, is charged with overseeing the retirement community’s SARA nurse call and alert system — and she can’t do it on her own.

“I work in relation to Mathe with the SARA nurse call system,” says Diane. “They work in conjunction with Status Solutions, and Mathe handles the server portion and the software portion of it.”

While Status Solutions provides the SARA software, it’s Mathe that hosts it on private servers, maintaining and supporting it for Heath Village Retirement Community. By hosting it directly, our team is able to immediately address issues as they occur.

We also work with Status Solutions on Heath Village Retirement Community’s behalf in the event that their attention is needed to solve a problem.

“If we have a problem with the nurse call system, I put a call into Mathe, and they put a call into Status Solutions, and between the two of them, they’ll work out whatever the problem is,” says Diane. “When I do an upgrade, the two vendors work together on the upgrade because they work hand in hand.”

Mathe Helps This Retirement Community Avoid Their Worst-Case Scenario

The SARA system is integrated so completely into Heath Village Retirement Community’s operations that any downtime or outright failure would be catastrophic.

Diane knows that they can’t afford to deal with a faulty or unreliable nurse call system — it’s simply too important to what they do for their residents.

“If the system was down, it would be a hardship,” says Diane. “The residents, if they had an emergency out in our independent living, they would have to call 911 or call our nursing unit through our switchboard for assistance, so that is a hardship.”

This is why Diane and the Heath Village Retirement Community staff have put so much faith in the Mathe team. By running SARA on VMware, we deliver much-needed redundancy and failover capability.

“They’re very professional, you can’t ask for any service better than them.”
Diane Horner, Director Of Maintenance, Heath Village Retirement Community

Thanks to VMware’s High Availability, in the event of a crash, we will be able to quickly and seamlessly get their SARA system running again. With their systems hosted on our servers, support is direct and fast — Diane doesn’t have to wait for our team to get on site.

This is far superior to their previous arrangement, in which their SARA systems were hosted on a hard drive. This arrangement was much more vulnerable to failure and downtime.

Working with Mathe means that Heath Village Retirement Community can depend on a much more robust and reliable infrastructure for their SARA system.

“Whereas now it’s on a server, the other one was a hard drive,” says Diane. “I didn’t have redundancy, so Mathe provided redundancy for me. They’ve been able to expand and make it more flexible.”

Mathe Doesn’t Make This Retirement Community Wait When They Need Help

“Whenever I have an issue, I have no qualms about calling,” says Diane. “Mathe is always right there, they respond very quickly, their service is excellent.”

Even though Diane knows the SARA system is set up in order to prevent any outages or downtime, she still needs Mathe’s help from time to time. No matter what the small issue is, she knows she can pick up the phone, call Mathe, and get an answer quickly — if not immediately.

“They’re very professional, you can’t ask for any service better than them,” says Diane. “They work well with our IT vendor, they coordinate very well with everyone involved. They’re a quality company to work with.”

This level of service has even extended beyond the usual expectations Diane and the Heath Village Retirement Community staff would have of Mathe.

On one occasion, Diane needed help, so she called Mathe President Mark Hicks directly. Even though he was having his lunch, he made sure Diane knew he was on the job and would have a resolution to her ASAP.

“They’re very responsive, and they make themselves very available,” says Diane. “They do a wonderful job, I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.”

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