With Mathe, It’s Not Business.
It’s Personal.

  • Do you need local IT expertise to help you set up and maintain your technology infrastructure?
  • Do you require a team of experts that are passionate about what technology can do for your business?
  • Are you looking for a full service IT consulting that offers personalized service and celebrates your success?

MATHE is an IT Solutions Company focused on providing IT services to organizations in New Jersey and across the US. Founded by Mark Hicks, MATHE is committed to providing a “lean” approach to technology that lowers costs while continually improving the customer experience. Since our company’s launch, we continue to give businesses of all sizes exceptional managed technology services, including consulting, computer support, and helpdesk support.

Because our team has years of collective experience in different aspects of business technology, we have the expertise you need to ensure your systems run reliably with minimum downtime.


With Mathe, It’s Not Business
What Industries Do We Serve?

What Industries Do We Serve?

Our years of experience serving businesses in New Jersey and across the United States has seen us help companies of all sizes operating across a broad spectrum of industries. Talk to us today if your business falls into any of the categories below, and we can design an affordable IT support package for you:


Mathe Helps ETGI Backup Their Documentation To Protect Them When They’re Audited By The EPA

Environmental Transport Group Inc. (ETGI) is a specialized solid and hazardous waste transporter. In business now for over four decades, ETGI provides local and over the road trucks, specialized hazmat and solid waste transportation, and containers for residential and commercial waste disposal.

To this day, Mathe continues to provide expert support and guidance in developing ETGI’s IT environment. Whether Lynda needs help with a pressing IT issue or advice in the next step for developing their IT system, she knows she can rely on Mathe. 

“I can pick up the phone or even text and they will respond to me immediately with what I need to do. The care has been extraordinary.”

Lynda Smith
Mathe Helps ETGI Backup

Why Choose MATHE

We understand that, particularly for growing businesses, maintenance of IT resources is a massive challenge. We are here to help. We have a personal approach to IT care, where every client is a partner. When you succeed, we succeed. Besides our hands-on approach to resolving any technical challenges you may face, we offer affordable packages at a flat fee to ensure that you can tailor the service to your budget.

Some of our essential qualities are:

  • A Sense of Urgency: MATHE’s technicians operate with an innate determination to get to work resolving issues as soon as possible. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is directly related to our sense of urgency.
  • Teamwork: We have a team of skilled and experienced technical experts who see themselves as a part of your team. Our people are highly motivated self-starters who frequently collaborate with your team and each other to offer you the most outstanding value possible.
  • Solution-Oriented: Instead of dwelling on IT’s challenges, we prefer to focus on delivering the solutions you need. Every team member believes that each problem has a solution, and we push the envelope to ensure we find that solution for you.


Why Choose MATHE

Let Us Provide Your Growing Business with the Top Information Technology Serivices in the United States.

When new technology works as it should, it can be a crucial driver for your business’s growth. However, when tech becomes unreliable or hard to manage, it hurts your team’s efficiency, morale, and customer satisfaction.

MATHE has experts who will take your unique needs into account and design a solution that gives you and your customers the best value. We have a positive attitude and care for you and your business.

We have a team of people with exceptional skills and capabilities in technology and customer care.


What's Happening In The World Of Information Technology?

Mathe is 100% committed to sharing only the best information with you.  Want to know what is happening with information technology and how IT impacts your organization? Check out the Mathe blog.