Reliable Private Cloud Services for Law Firms

Are you in the market for the most reliable private cloud services for your law firm? Great! For most law firms, migrating to the cloud is usually an easy decision, thanks to the nature and sensitivity of the information that lawyers handle daily.

Besides the industry-based security and compliance requirements, there’s a significant concern about using conventional data storage practices like disk-based hardware, file cabinets, locked desk drawers, etc.  And it’s all for a good cause because cybersecurity cases have become highly rampant lately, and a single breach can result in far-reaching losses to any law firm.

So what’s a better, more secure, and affordable means for law firms to store, manage, access, and share data, software, and services? You guessed it – the private cloud provides a more convenient and safer solution for hosting and managing law firm documents, apps, server-based software, etc. In this regard, we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to address the following questions:

  • What is a private cloud?
  • How does a private cloud work?
  • What are the top private cloud benefits for law firms?
  • Should your law firm migrate to the private cloud?

What is a Private Cloud Sevices for Law Offices & Law Firms?

In a word, a private cloud is a server in the cloud that hosts server-based software, which authorized personnel can access anywhere, any time. And as the title suggests, the cloud service is usually exclusive to your firm, unlike a public cloud, often shared by multiple organizations.

In a private cloud service, your firm’s server and IT infrastructure get replaced by a hosted virtual desktop, enabling your staff to access work documents and apps using any device. So instead of buying, managing, and maintaining an on-prem server, your firm leverages a more secure, convenient, and cost-effective single tenant’s hosted server.

How does a Private Cloud Work For Law Firms Of All Sizes?

Hopefully, you’ve understood the concept of a private cloud, and let’s now dig deeper into how the platform works. For starters, every staff member in your law firm signs in to their exclusive Virtual Desktops, where they can securely access anything work-related using any device.

Typically, Virtual Desktops contain all the apps, services, and software you use every day for work, e.g., Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, etc. Further, you can also access essential software for document management, time management, billing, and law practice management.

Think of Virtual Desktops as the ‘front-end’ to your private cloud infrastructure, where you only need to log in to conveniently and securely access all your server-based software and services and log out when done. Otherwise, your cloud provider takes care of all technical aspects like systems maintenance, data backup, software updates, security monitoring, etc.

What are the Top Private Cloud Benefits for Law Firms?

Compared to on-premise servers, private cloud-based servers offer numerous benefits to law firms. We’re talking about more enhanced security, cost-efficiency, accessibility, flexibility, scalability, reliability – you name it! Below is a more in-depth look at why you should migrate your law firm IT infrastructure and needs to a private cloud:

Improved Data Security

Many professionals often assume that their sensitive data is usually more secure on-site. But nothing can be further from the truth. Like we mentioned, law firms are a hot target for cybercriminals, thanks to the nature of documents and data that law practices handle every day. So hackers are always on the lookout for any loopholes that may leave data exposed, plus they’re constantly devising more sophisticated tactics to launch their attacks, posing a great threat to an on-prem data center.

On the contrary, a private cloud system is custom-made to understand the business aspects of a law firm, providing state-of-the-art data security, thanks to:

  • Enterprise-grade firewalls
  • Real-time intrusion detection and prevention
  • Access controls
  • Strict password and access policy enforcement
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • 24/7/365 security monitoring

No More Servers & IT Headaches

On-premise data centers require frequent maintenance to ensure optimal and continuous functionality. But that usually doesn’t stop them from breaking down or crashing. And when this happens, it hinders your organization’s capability to get clients’ work done within schedule. Meanwhile, your sensitive data becomes vulnerable to cyberattacks as you grapple with fixing the server issues. This is, without a doubt, a lot to handle, considering that you have more value-adding responsibilities to undertake.

Luckily, you can eliminate these IT and server headaches by resorting to a private cloud. In this setup, you won’t need to purchase, maintain, manage, update, repair, or replace your servers ever again. Instead, your private cloud doubles up as your server and includes maintenance, monitoring, updates, backups, and protection as part of the service.

Create a More Efficient and Reliable Centralized System

Managing the technology needs of a single location law firm is pretty straightforward. But as soon as you open a second office or start working remotely, that’s when the hell breaks loose. If your firm has an on-prem server, it becomes incredibly challenging for distant employees to enjoy the same level of access to documents and systems. Plus, this poses a security concern, and separate offices may also end up duplicating data, compromising accuracy.

The solution? You guessed it – a private cloud creates a centralized system, where everyone, regardless of their location, can access work files, software, documents, and data reliably and more efficiently, improving the employee experience.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Like we already mentioned, the responsibility and cost of acquiring, maintaining, managing, and updating your law firm servers rest upon your service provider when you migrate to the private cloud. That means you’ll enjoy a lower total cost of ownership despite accessing full-grade IT services more reliably and conveniently.

What’s more, a private cloud for law firms provides on-demand services, meaning you only pay for what you use. So you won’t incur any extra charges for the cloud resources that go unutilized. Even better, some cloud providers offer more cost-saving opportunities for your IT needs. For instance, if you have predictable needs, you can reserve a database or compute at a discounted rate.

Should Your Law Firm Migrate to the Private Cloud?

The decision to move your firm’s digital infrastructure to the private cloud entirely depends on your needs. But, in general, private cloud migration can be an excellent idea if any of the statements below are true:

  • Your firm needs to enhance applications and data security
  • You can’t stand the servers and IT headaches anymore
  • You want the freedom of working beyond your office walls
  • Your firm uses a combo of several devices (Mac, Windows, Tablets, etc.)
  • Your firm isn’t ready to let go of its on-prem law practice management software

Mathe Provides Reliable Cloud Services For Law Firms Across The United States

If that sounds like your firm, you should look for a reliable private cloud hosting company to conduct a thorough assessment of your firm, develop a cloud migration plan, and lead a seamless migration of your apps and services. Here at Mathe, we provide top-class cloud services and private cloud hosting for law firms across New Jersey. So schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts today, and let us help you obtain operational efficiency with the best private cloud services for law firms.

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