We Offer Complete Technology Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities

  • Do you need to cut down your long-term care facility’s costs without compromising the quality of service?
  • Does your small IT department struggle with the day-to-day management and support of user desktops?
  • Do you need a virtual desktop solution that will fit your organizational objectives?

MATHE has a suite of managed IT services that we built from the ground up to fit your specific needs perfectly. If you want to ensure your technology infrastructure and applications’ high availability and improve the level of service you offer to your clients, look no further than MATHE for Complete Technology Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities. We also provide a virtual desktop solution known as IT Fortress that ensures that your records, data, and applications are available whenever and wherever you need them.


Cloud Services For Long Term Care
Cloud Services For Senior Living

Benefits of IT Fortress for Senior Living and Long Term Care Facilities

An IT Fortress virtual desktop stores all your user apps and data in the cloud instead of local storage on your device. This means that you can work from anywhere and that we take responsibility for the uptime, management, and security of your desktop environment. Other benefits are:

  • Better budget management due to predictable, monthly cost
  • Round the clock access to experienced tech experts to support your users
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Improved security for BYOD users
  • Greater agility and scalability


Mathe Logo IT FortressIT Fortress IT Fortress365IT Fortress365 IT Fortress complianceIT Fortress compliance
Secure VDI Managed Full Featured Platform Compliance Services for IT Fortress
Minimum number of users 10 10 10
Agreement Term 2 years 3 years 2 years
Cost per user $150/user/mo. $250/user/mo. $500/mo. for a 10 user 1 site organization. Additional $100/mo. for every 10 users over base of 10, and for every additional site.
Platform Backup 3 Months of backup. Additional retention optional 1 year of rolling backups Upgraded to Perpetual Backup Retention
Onboarding Fees None None None
Cost of Loading and Configuring Software Hourly Cost at prevailing rate Included Compliance software and monitoring included
Monthly review Included Included Included
Private Cloud environment Included Included
Helpdesk 24/7/365 Optional Addon Included
Intrusion Detection, Data Loss Prevention, and Manage Threat Response system on Platform Included Included
Dedicated Firewall Optional Addon Optional Addon
Virtual Desktop Server 2016 Choice of WIn10Pro or Server 2016
Cost for Storage over base Virtual Desktops $1/GB/mo. Included up to 200GB/user
Additional Servers/App Servers T&M to build plus $1/GB/mth for storage Included
SQL licensing Billable. SQL Licensing cost plus $1/GB/mo. for storage 1 SQL server included including SQL licensing
Managed Company or WFH Desktop including Advanced A/V, patch management and support Optional at $50/desktop/mo. Optional at $35/desktop/mo.
Email Not included M365 Professional included
Email backup Not included 1 year of backup
Email Anti-Spam and Compliance Encryption Not included Optional at $15/user/mo.
Office Software Not included M365 Professional included
Compliance Reviews of practice operations Optional Addon Optional Addon Monthly Review and Meeting of Security Compliance posture both for IT and Operations
Compliance Monitoring software and reports Optional Addon Optional Addon Included
Adds/Moves/Changes Billable as T&M at prevailing rate Included with limitations 1 hour IT Engineer time time included per month for first 25 users, and 1 additional for every additional 25 users.
Virtual CIO Optional Addon Optional Addon 1 hour CIO time included per month for first 25 users, and 1 additional for every additional 25 users.
Edge Security with Website filtering, Intrusion prevention, country blocking, and standard Security Set Included Included
Managed Threat Response Optional Addon Included
Prices listed are an estimate, your exact costs may be different. Schedule a Free Consultation to get your personalized Quote.

Mathe Helps ETGI Backup Their Documentation To Protect Them When They’re Audited By The EPA

Environmental Transport Group Inc. (ETGI) is a specialized solid and hazardous waste transporter. In business now for over four decades, ETGI provides local and over the road trucks, specialized hazmat and solid waste transportation, and containers for residential and commercial waste disposal.

To this day, Mathe continues to provide expert support and guidance in developing ETGI’s IT environment. Whether Lynda needs help with a pressing IT issue or advice in the next step for developing their IT system, she knows she can rely on Mathe. 

“I can pick up the phone or even text and they will respond to me immediately with what I need to do. The care has been extraordinary.”

Lynda Smith
Senior Living Center Cloud Solutions

IT Fortress Standard Features and Add-Ons

MATHE IT Fortress is an affordable desktop virtualization service full of features designed to make the work of long term facilities staff easier. Besides having zero onboarding fees, the solution has the following features as standard:

  • Three months of data backup (additional retention optional)
  • Low hourly charge for installation and configuration of user applications
  • Managed data backups
  • Intrusion detection
  • Edge security with website filtering.
  • Managed threat response


A Highly Secure and Optimized Desktop Environment to Your Team

Since 1990, MATHE IT has worked with LTPAC service providers to provide Complete Technology Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities. Talk to us about how the IT Fortress solution can help you provide the best care for your clients while lowering your Capital Expenditure and Total Cost of Ownership.


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