Right Now, You Need An Information Technology System That Works Allowing You The Freedom To Focus On What Matters Most.

Mathe is well equipped to provide your organization with stable and reliable cloud infrastructure, network services, cybersecurity solutions, and client services your organization requires to meet the growing demands of business in today’s business climate.

Mathe understands the anxiety businesses go through when their information technology systems fail to work as designed. We’re here around-the-clock to provide the support and help you require from your IT partner.

What’s our goal?  Provide your organization with the exceptional IT services and cloud technologies allowing you the freedom to focus on what matters – your team, your clients, and your business.

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Information Technology System

When You Partner With Mathe…You Can

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  • Get Valuable Time Back

    Get Valuable Time Back

    Put An End To Dealing With Endless IT Problems

    Stop wasting valuable time dealing with endless computer problems, software glitches, and put an end to the frustration of dealing with IT problems once and for all.  All the valuable time you spent stressing over computer issues will vanish and you’ll have time to focus on running your organizations and not dealing with IT problems.

  • Improve Operation Efficiency

    Improve Operation Efficiency

    When Tech Works, Your Staff Are Happy And Efficient

    Since 1990, Mathe has worked with medical clinics, accounting firms, and other large to small organizations to information technology simple and remove all the complexities.  Put your energy to work towards taking care of business and improving your bottom line.

  • Focus On Running Your Organization

    Focus On Running Your Organization

    Put Your Attention Where It Matters

    Tech problems sneak up on you and before you know it, you’ve spent the entire day dealing with IT issues.  When you work with Mathe, we take over the responsibility of proactively taking care of your IT, leaving you to focus on running your organization.

The IT Fortress

Keep Your Digital Assets Safe, Secure & Available

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IT Fortress technology
IT Fortress365
IT Fortress Compliance

Does Your Organization Have Reliable Information Technology Solutions That:

  • Enhances Productivity
  • Allows You To See More Clients
  • Ultimately Grows Your Business Bottomline

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Schedule Free Consultation1. Schedule Free Consultation
Mathe takes the time to learn everything about your business and the role information technology plays.
Onboarding2. Onboarding
Once Mathe fully understands your organization and how information technology can help achieve its goals, our team provides a complete technology roadmap charting the course for all your needs.
Watch Us Get To Work3. Watch Us Get To Work
No more excuses, issues, problems and IT challenges! Running your day-to-day operations will become less burdensome and give you time to focus on serving your clients and taking care of your staff.

What's Happening In The World Of Information Technology?

Mathe is 100% committed to sharing only the best information with you.  Want to know what is happening with information technology and how IT impacts your organization? Check out the Mathe blog.

What Can You Do For My Business?

We understand that you want technology to work for your business, and not the other way round. We provide the following services to ensure that your team is working efficiently and you get a return on your IT spending:

  • IT Fortress
  • IT Fortress365
  • IT Fortress Compliance

What Are The Differences?

With IT Fortress, you need to carry out less maintenance than an actual desktop system, which requires constant backup, software patching, antivirus, and other updates. MATHE centralizes data management and application management functions on powerful servers to ensure that you enjoy an enhanced performance.

IT Fortress365 offers you the power of Office 365 so you can communicate and collaborate more effectively with your team. Office 365 gives you web-based access to all your favorite Microsoft applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, so you and your team can create, edit and share documents from any web-based device. We bundle this solution with a range of managed IT support, cloud data backup, compliance, and security services, giving you a complete solution ideal for both small and mid-sized businesses.

Finally, IT Fortress Compliance allows you to utilize cloud technologies while your company avoids penalties and risks of non-compliance.