Why Your Staff Members Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your staff members can’t be expected to spot a phishing email or a fraudulent website if they haven’t been trained to do so. Have you invested in your staff’s cybersecurity awareness yet?

You wouldn’t expect your staff members to be able to do their jobs well without the proper training, right?

Of course not—so how can you expect them to be able to contribute to your business’s cybersecurity without being trained to do so?

The fact is that, even though your staff members may be your most important resource, when it comes to cybersecurity, they may also be your greatest liability.

Cybercriminals Are Targeting Your Staff Members

Some of the most effective cybercrime tactics in use today focus on the user as the weak link in a business’ cybersecurity posture.

Phishing scams send fraudulent emails and trick recipients into downloading dangerous malware or divulging sensitive information. Fake websites infect the systems of those that visit them, or steal their personal data.

It’s because of threats like these that you need to invest in your staff’s cybersecurity awareness—Mathe will help…

Turn Your Team Into Cybersecurity Experts

We offer a comprehensive employee Cyber Awareness Training (Internet Security Awareness) program developed by Cyber Guard 360 that combines regular online training, simulated phishing attacks, and dark web monitoring. The three components of this curriculum include:

  • Phishing Training and Testing: Ensure your users know how to identify a dangerous email.
  • Security Awareness Training: Give your users the knowledge they need to contribute to organization-wide cybersecurity.
  • Policies and Procedures: Implement proven best practices for maintaining robust cybersecurity across your staff.

With our help, your staff will contribute to your cybersecurity, not compromise it.

Don’t Let Your Employees Put You At Risk Any Longer

Ready to turn your staff members into real cybersecurity assets? Get in touch with the Mathe team to arrange your staff’s first cybersecurity awareness training course.

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