What Problems Can Cybersecurity Solve: Applying Yesterday’s Solutions to Today’s Problems

One popular adage that rhymes with the cyber world goes, “the best jam is made in old jars.” It is possible to juggle future technologies while relying on existing skills and updating the used, old, and tested methods.

The cyber-world is limitless, but no one knows its extent. The existing knowledge and technologies in cybersecurity help create a solid skills base by recycling old techniques as the core principles required in the cyber world.

Here, we focus on some of the skills used before but that are still applicable in current cybersecurity to offer best security practices. Also, find all the best information to understand what’s happening in information technology and how you can apply it in your organization.

Time-Resistant IT Skills Suited For Cybersecurity

Anytime you think about cybersecurity, the central idea that comes to mind is IT. It is the general term that covers everything related to the internet and computing. People think less of OT (Operational Technology), which is more inclined towards the industrial sector. However, the industry has seen tremendous changes and transformations that open its fair share of cybersecurity issues.

IT is dynamic and constantly evolves with new applications, new uses, enhanced user groups, and new devices. Cybersecurity players continuously adapt to the frantic rate of change by devising protective systems even when there are no clear visions of what could potentially happen.

The stakes are high, and the need for improvising has increased. Therefore, the cyber world’s ability to recycle its various tried and tested defensive techniques helps offer more streamlined changes to these issues. Also, some skills that become obsolete in one sector can be applicable in another one. For example, protective methods formerly used in IT are relevant for most current OT sector issues.

A significant example is the IPS ((Intrusion Prevention System). The solution offers detailed analytics of network communications that allow users to check for flaws if they have an unexploited protocol or a malicious command in the systems. IPS is still extensively used in the IT world but it is proving more invaluable in industries where a single altered connection may cause catastrophic results.

The takeaway here is, as much as OT previously had no ties with the internet, the operation networks used as production lines get exposed to cyber threats and will need measures used against IT attacks for security.

New Solutions Learn From Old: Same Goes For Cyber Attacks

The changes in cybersecurity occur mainly due to the changing atmosphere of cyber attacks. Relatively, cyber attacks take advantage of both yesterday’s skills and today’s technological advancements. According to Adrien Brochot, about 90% of new attacks build on the old attacks, and the attackers adapt them to the security barriers and break into systems by applying old techniques.

New attacks create further vulnerabilities in the systems as attackers change their methods and how they access systems. They recycle everything, including malware that is just variations of their predecessors. An attacker infiltrates a system by looking at the vulnerabilities and using prior cases to exploit them.

Therefore, creating old methods, tailoring cyberattacks, and using technological advances in the right way summarizes the evolution of cybersecurity. Since attackers exploit the areas that are likely to be less protected, the focus remains on how an organization can protect the integrity of their systems, using both yesterday’s methods and current technologies.

Role of Cybersecurity Solutions

The central role of cybersecurity solutions is to protect. However, to thoroughly examine their protective function and understand how they help, it would be best to establish how the solutions work and understand the world of cyber attacks.

Analyzing how attackers operate is key to discovering the flaws and bridging the necessary gaps to secure a system.

Security analysis helps offer accurate insights on how to identify hacks and solve them before they blow up. It will also help to understand the actions of an attacker and how it spreads across systems, whether in an IT or OT environment.

All this information becomes important when used to control a cyber-ecosystem by listing attacks and accessing vulnerabilities and patches in an organization’s IT system. It is easy to have a broader picture of the possibilities and tailor cybersecurity solutions accordingly with detailed information.

The changes taking place in the cyber world pose severe challenges to cybersecurity players. But, creating a hybrid environment where they get information from old techniques and mix it with current technologies can form tools and better opportunities to address any issues.

The cyber community should also share tools and knowledge to leverage the advantages of creating a hybrid environment.

Problems Cybersecurity Solutions Solve

Businesses of any size and type experience various possible security vulnerabilities daily. Cybersecurity helps to address these problems to enable your business continuity and boost production in the bottom line. Some of the issues mitigated include:

  • Human errors: Employee errors are by far a significant reason for most data breaches. Therefore, cybersecurity solutions help reduce risks of human errors by reducing access to harmful sites and identifying phishing schemes.
  • External threats: With advancements in technology, hackers have become increasingly skilled in finding ways to access firewalls and steal company data. Cybersecurity helps ensure company firewalls, anti-virus software, and other solutions are up to date to effectively protect the IT infrastructure and eliminate downtime.
  • Third-party app security: Most companies use third-party apps whose creators do not have business safety in mind. Some of these apps don’t have adaptable security measures that could cause severe business attacks. Cybersecurity allows you to identify such vulnerabilities and weed them out.
  • Unsecured cloud storage: Cloud servers are the new normal for most businesses, but they also have security risks. The security breaches have increased as most businesses migrate into the cloud. Network security services will help to ensure all your cloud systems are safe and you have proper security to avoid such breaches.

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