Mathe Helps ETGI Backup Their Documentation To Protect Them When They’re Audited By The EPA

Environmental Transport Group Inc. (ETGI) is a specialized solid and hazardous waste transporter. In business now for over four decades, ETGI provides local and over the road trucks, specialized hazmat and solid waste transportation, and containers for residential and commercial waste disposal.

Data management and continuity is a key priority for ETGI. As a business that deals with hazardous waste, they are subject to a number of compliance regulations, including COT, EPA, OSHA, and more. In the event that they are audited, they need to have easy access to records dating back to ten years prior. This is a big part of their reliance on IT.

You get to a point where you try to do things more digitally, you know, scanned instead of in boxes in a storage facility somewhere. We started doing some more of that as the office became more tech-savvy, and you realize, that we have all that scanned in our computer system, but if we lose it, we’re screwed.

Lynda Smith

Before they worked with Mathe, ETGI lacked a reliable backup for their scanned documentation and had their IT managed by a single outsourced technician.

“We’re a very small office, there’s probably five of us working in here,” says Lynda Smith. “We always had an outside IT guy who would come in, if we had a new printer or software that needed to be installed, we had a local guy who did it for us and charged us when he came in.

While this IT support arrangement sufficed for the time being, eventually, it became clear to Lynda and others at ETGI that they needed to upgrade their systems. Their hardware was becoming dated, and their records management practices were risky.

“We were always kind of behind where we needed to be with all that stuff,” says Lynda. “We started talking to our IT guy about our system getting too old, our servers getting too old, our computers getting too old, our programs were getting too old.”

Fortunately, their IT technician at the time agreed with their concerns and recognized where his abilities may be limited. In order to get ETGI’s systems updated, the technician put them in touch with Mathe.

“He suggested Mathe, and he gave us a little intro on what they do,” says Lynda. “We gave Mathe some direction on where we wanted to go and where they could take us, and it was just the perfect match.”

Mathe was able to provide the expert guidance ETGI needed to develop more robust data continuity, backing up their vital records and giving them an easy way to call up documentation in the event that they are audited.

It got the point where you need the capability of being able to look back on a manifest from eight years ago if I get audited. I need to be able to go back and track that. We could have never stored that much information or be able to go back and look at it. So, that aspect of it alone was huge for us.

Lynda Smith

Mathe also virtualized ETGI’s desktops with Citrix, and not a moment too soon. IT resources have never been as important as they are now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for organizations to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place. Fortunately for ETGI, Mathe had moved their systems to the cloud just before the pandemic hit.

“It actually came in handy,” says Lynda. “I would say we got done converting in February or March, right when the lockdown began. It was awful handy, as when I needed to work from home I could just dial into my desktop and work from there.”

To this day, Mathe continues to provide expert support and guidance in developing ETGI’s IT environment. Whether Lynda needs help with a pressing IT issue or advice in the next step for developing their IT system, she knows she can rely on Mathe.

“They went above and beyond and they still do,” says Lynda. “I can pick up the phone or even text and they will respond to me immediately with what I need to do. The care has been extraordinary.”

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