Mathe Helps Fertility CARE Optimize EIVF Software And Manage Vendors

Fertility CARE: The IVF Center is the longest established and most successful IVF program in Winter Park, FL, and has been helping patients to overcome infertility challenges for years. Like any fertility clinic, Fertility CARE relies on a system of legacy medical software programs, including EIVF, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program.

Unfortunately, as with so many legacy lines of business software applications, EIVF can be difficult to optimize and even harder to troubleshoot. That’s why Fertility CARE works with Mathe — despite having a local IT team, and support from EIVF, Fertility CARE relies on Mathe to make sure the software runs properly.

“Whenever we seem to have issues with EIVF, Mathe is a part of the problem-solving team,” says Robin Nice, Practice Manager, Fertility CARE.

Fertility CARE’s local IT environment has caused a number of problems for their staff when using EIVF — poor power conditions and inconsistent Internet speeds have a detrimental effect on how the software operates, lowering staff productivity and hurting the patient experience.

In order to mitigate these issues, Mathe hosts EIVF for Fertility CARE, allowing them to circumvent the local challenges at their office, and benefit from Mathe’s direct support when an issue does arise.

“Most recently, in the fall at the end of 2019, we encountered some serious issues with EIVF and Mathe put together a plan to put together a backup server and put together a new server to integrate us with that to resolve issues we were having,” says Robin.

Due to the nature of Fertility CARE’s IT environment and its IT support, solving issues can be challenging. They have a local IT team, as well as Mathe hosting the systems offsite, and EIVF’s support team as well.

Solving a problem can be difficult when there are this many moving parts, and a common issue in these situations is that the different parties just end up blaming each other. Robin appreciates working with Mathe because she knows she can rely on President Mark Hicks to be constructive and effective in the support process.

“Much to Mathe’s credit, Mark is very open and honest and interested in helping me identify where the issues were,” says Robin. “Instead of taking the defensive, he helped me work through things.”

Despite the fact that Fertility CARE could likely benefit from simplifying their IT support arrangement, and opting to work with just one group, Robin knows that keeping Mathe onboard is the right call. She needs someone she can trust to provide fast and honest support when she needs it.

“Their ability to know the history of EIVF and how it’s supposed to operate, how to troubleshoot, that is why Mathe is still with us,” says Robin. “I know that Mathe is on my side. Even in late hours, after everyone is at home, Mathe was still answering the phone.”

I know that Mathe is on my side. Even in late hours, after everyone is at home, Mathe was still answering the phone.
Robin Nice, Practice Manager, Fertility CARE


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