Mathe Helps Gallant & Wein Stay Connected And Productive No Matter Where They’re Working From

Gallant & Wein is a family-run, wholesale electrical distributor. They service electrical, datacom, and security contractors across the tri-state area, as well as nationwide through e-commerce.

Their multi-branch business is active every day, working with their customers, and maintaining their productivity, all of which depends on the availability of their IT systems. In order to stay connected to their data and productive during business hours, Gallant & Wein relies on Mathe.

Before working with Mathe, however, Gallant & Wein struggled with an unreliable IT environment, due in large part to their outdated approach to IT management.

Mathe Helps Gallant & Wein Stay Connected And Productive No Matter Where They’re Working From

Gallant & Wein Was Handling IT Reactively

“When I came into the business twelve years ago, I took over the technology end of the business,” says Jeremy Gruman, owner, Gallant & Wein. “Ultimately, internally, we had some disagreements concerning technology and how to deal with it.”

Jeremy wanted to take a more active approach to maintaining and optimizing IT. He didn’t want to just put out fires after they happened — he wanted to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

“They were more reactive: the equipment would break, and then we would fix it, instead of trying to take proactive measures to stay ahead of technology breakdowns,” says Jeremy.

This inevitably led to multiple ongoing issues for Gallant & Wein, resulting in ongoing downtime and outages for their critical services.

“Being a multi-branch company, we were having problems all over the place,” says Jeremy. “Our internet would always go down, our email would always go down, our servers were always crashing.”

That’s When They Called Mathe

Fed up with ongoing issues and chronic downtime, Gallant & Wein switched to Mathe for help with their IT.

Mathe’s proactive approach to support helped to prevent these problems from occurring. They also helped Gallant & Wein to transition to a cloud-based IT environment, providing greater reliability and accessibility.

By finding the right cloud-based solution to fit Gallant & Wein’s specific needs as an organization, Mathe helped them overcome their ongoing obstacles, and do what they do even more efficiently.

“Working with Mathe, we came up with a solution,” says Jeremy. “By moving my equipment into their data center, and the same thing with our ERP software, now we’re remote. We’re in the cloud, with no physical desktops where people would save their information to. We can work remotely everywhere, and this was way before COVID-19.”

Mathe Eliminates Downtime And Saves Gallant & Wein Thousands Of Dollars

Eliminating downtime is especially important when you consider how active Gallant & Wein is.

Jeremy estimates they do around $125,000 in business every day, which is why they can’t accept any unnecessary downtime. Being without access to their systems for even an hour costs them thousands of dollars.

“I can’t afford to be down for a day,” says Jeremy. “So, we’re trying to build in and improve our redundancies.”

With their systems hosted in the cloud, Gallant & Wein enjoys a more convenient user experience, and they were protected against crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas other businesses had to hastily move to the cloud earlier this year when the pandemic made remote work a necessity, Gallant & Wein were already set up to do so.

“When COVID hit we were able to seamlessly move into remote work,” says Jeremy.

Mathe Is Gallant & Wein’s Reliable IT Partner

This is all thanks to Mathe’s proactive and reliable support. Whenever Jeremy and the team at Gallant & Wein need help, they know they can depend on Mathe.

“I love Mathe, there’s never a time where they’ve been unreachable,” says Jeremy. “I communicate with them 24/7 when needed. I’ve had several opportunities over the years to switch Mathe out, and I’ve never felt comfortable doing so.”

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