Mathe’s 31-Year IT Services in New Jersey

Innovation has always been a part of what makes New Jerseyans stand out from their neighbors. The latest disruptive wave of technology is already here and nurturing companies to become whatever they can become. From new startups with unique tech products to large multinationals striving to offer affordable products, many New Jersey companies are future-facing.

Luckily, Mathe has always been at the side of the most innovative companies in the state for over three decades. Since 1990, Mathe has focused on providing superior Business Technology Solutions and Services optimized to the needs of a business and the market they target.

Mathe was founded on the premise that technology should work for a business and not vice versa. We provide a series of IT-related and managed services to various industries to help their systems work seamlessly and their teams to be efficient. Ultimately, we help companies get a return on their IT infrastructure and services and improve their bottom line.

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What The Professional Team at Mathe Thinks

Mathe is a lot more than an IT company; it is a team of enthusiastic IT professionals focused on providing top-notch IT services to organizations and businesses in New Jersey. The company was founded with a core purpose to bring to market better and ‘more lean’ approaches to leveraging technology in business and keep operational costs low.

Since its launch 31 years ago, Mathe has provided IT services to companies of all sizes and in different industries. These services include managed IT services for businesses, IT and technology consulting, and helpdesk and computer support.

With a lineup of the best and highly experienced IT practitioners in the market, Mathe has risen quickly to become a leader in IT business services. Our teams have decades of collective experience in various aspects of business technologies and the expertise to resolve any IT matter a company may face.

One of the top reasons our IT technicians and team members love what they do is because we have a company policy that puts the customer first. This attitude, combined with our in-house developed approach to understanding and resolving customer issues, is the reason our clients appreciate our service. Our team members’ exceptional IT skills make them all-rounded and customer-centric, the characteristics that make Mathe stand out from the competition.

Services Offered by Mathe

Every industry today needs information technology and its infrastructure to operate. When it works as it is designed to, new technology can be a critical driver of a business’s profitability and growth. However, when IT services are unreliable, unstructured, or too costly, it hurts the customer. A business may suffer greater inefficiency, loss of morale among teams, and suffer poor customer satisfaction if they fail to choose the right IT services providers.

Here are some of the top services that Mathe offers businesses and organizations operating in New Jersey:

  • IT services and resources consultancy
  • Installation and configuration of IT infrastructure
  • IT helpdesk and support
  • Full-range managed IT services
  • Secure data storage and data backup and restoration
  • IT Fortress – a centralized data management and application management system
  • Information and Data Security Compliance

As an IT specialist, Mathe is a go-to tech company that offers information and technology-related services and support across multiple industries. We have served hundreds of companies across a spectrum of industries, including:

The team of IT technicians at Mathe is dedicated to helping customers understand and appreciate the power of IT in business. As such, they always try to go above and beyond to share the most meaningful and practical information with our clients. Our services are reliable and the team of technicians highly professional; they always have your back.

Mathe’s Secrets to 31 Years in Business

When Mark Hicks founded Mathe in 1990, the American and the global tech scene, in general, was less than impressive. Companies were still fumbling with faxes and typewriters, and even tech companies barely had any computers. Mathe quickly rose above the rest by committing to helping businesses understand the importance of technology to cutting costs and improving customer experience.

Since then, our strategy has been to meet customer expectations and ensure that their systems are reliable and suffer minimum downtime. Here are the three general rules of business that have guided Mathe into becoming the tech company it is:

1. Our Sense of Urgency

Every technician at Mathe works with a solid determination to resolve a client’s issue as soon as possible. We have a strong work culture that puts the satisfaction of the customer ahead of everything else. This sense of urgency is crucial when working with information systems because a mere second could mean the difference between keeping or losing customers.

2. Our Strength is in The Team

Mathe is a team of skilled, experienced, and passionate tech experts. They see themselves as a part of the Mathe family because they all have one objective: help businesses and organizations with their IT systems. Our team is made up of self-starters who are ready to partner with a client’s IT department to ensure the customer gets the most value in the collaboration.

3. We Are Proactive and Solution-Oriented

Rather than sit around and wait to resolve problems, we have a system in place that focuses on preventing the most common IT challenges and problems. We prefer to deliver the solutions a customer needs when they need it, and it has worked for us. Every member of the team believes there is a solution for every problem. They do not hesitate to bring their heads together to find a solution to the most challenging issues.

Final Thoughts

Mather’s thriving tech ecosystem includes some of the biggest brand names in New Jersey and the United States. We are a forward-looking company passionate about nurturing young startups and tech companies with innovative ideas. If you would like to know more about Mathe, our team of IT experts, and how we can benefit your business, schedule a free consultation today.

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