Mathe Helped Pathstone Grow Their Firm By 10x

Pathstone is a wealth management firm that, over the course of the past decade, grew by a factor of ten. According to their President, Matthew Fleissig, they couldn’t have done it without Mathe.

“It has been an incredible, decade-long experience working with Mathe,” says Matthew.

Pathstone Needed Independent Infrastructure In Order To Grow

Ten years ago, Pathstone was a part of a larger corporate bank. They provided wealth management services under the umbrella of that bank’s operations, benefitting from their corporate resources, including their IT infrastructure.

For some time, Matthew and the leadership at Pathstone had wanted to leave the bank and start working independently, but there was a considerable obstacle in their way: how could they build and maintain an IT infrastructure equal to the one offered by the bank?

“We used to all be at a large bank,” says Matthew. “Our clients were used to having big institutional infrastructure and we felt that we could not leave the large institution without showing our clients the same level of cybersecurity.”

This is a core concern for organizations in the financial services industry. Maintaining security and compliance is difficult, but globally-active banks like the one Pathstone worked with benefit from an economy of scale, allowing them to invest in robust and extensive infrastructure that would protect their clients’ data and keep their employees productive.

How could Pathstone afford to build and maintain the infrastructure they needed? With expert assistance from Mathe.

Mathe Helped Pathstone Build Infrastructure To Support Their Growth

In his search for an IT partner that could help them forge their own path, Matthew eventually connected with Mathe. The Mathe team carefully planned out Pathstone’s new infrastructure, ensuring it would provide the resources, availability, and level of security necessary to keep the staff productive and their clients’ data protected.

“All of the security, all of the protection, Mathe delivered that on day one,” says Matthew.

Mathe didn’t just help Pathstone deploy a standard infrastructure — they went above and beyond, building an IT environment that was more effective and more reliable than the one Pathstone had used at the bank.

“We had better infrastructure than when we were at the large bank,” says Matthew. “In our history with Mathe, over ten years, I think we had maybe one or two things that caused a couple hours of downtime.”

By Matthew’s recollection, they encountered downtime and other IT-based problems far more regularly when they were working with the bank. Partnering with Mathe gave them a much more reliable IT infrastructure, allowing them to develop a great reputation with their clients and drastically grow their business.

“There just wasn’t downtime,” says Matthew. “Through Hurricane Sandy, not even a flinch. They scaled that for us from 19 to 200 people.”

Mathe Kept Pathstone Working Through The Pandemic

“I think the ultimate testament to Mathe was when the pandemic started,” says Matthew.

IT resources have never been as important as they are now. In order for organizations to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many businesses were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies — fortunately for Pathstone, Mathe had already moved them to the cloud.

“When we went to full work-from-home, on a Friday we decided that in March, it was like nothing changed on the next Monday,” says Matthew. “Everyone was up and we were good to go — it was flawless.”

Thanks to Mathe’s ongoing efforts to keep Pathstone’s data accessible, secure and available, their pivot to work-from-home was seamless.

“If you have an Internet connection, you can work,” says Matthew. “That’s the way Mathe set us up. We were fully operational without even a thought or hesitation.”

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