Have You Considered What The Private Cloud Could Do For You?

Are you fed up with giant public cloud providers and their lack of personal service? We invite you to consider the capabilities offered by private cloud solutions, like those offered by Mathe.

Are you tired of your current cloud solution?

Maybe it costs more than you originally planned and budgeted. Maybe it’s missing the personal and informed support you’re looking for. Maybe its big-box approach doesn’t fit your organization the way you need it to.

Whatever the reason may be, you should know there’s an alternative — instead of settling for a big cloud company, get the customized and cost-effective service you need with a private cloud solution.

What Does The Private Cloud Offer Your Business?

The private cloud offers all the benefits of a conventional cloud service, with none of the downsides that come from working with a company of that scale:

  • Security: Our cloud is operated to meet compliance guidelines and is subject to ongoing security evaluations. We operate within secure, compliant data centers so you know exactly where your data is and who can access it.
  • Reliability: You enjoy the guaranteed reliability of big-name cloud providers, with the personal touch of a smaller and more focused company.
  • Feature-Rich: We offer all the features of a professional datacenter — conditioned power, battery backup, generator power, 24/7 security monitoring, redundant fiber Internet, and automated backups with off-site replication and disaster recovery.
  • High Performance: We are continually upgrading and improving the hardware resources with no downtime or additional cost to you. Secure remote access solutions can seamlessly integrate the private cloud with your existing network or allow secure remote access to increase employee mobility and productivity.
  • Customizable: You don’t have to fit into a pre-built cloud service from a big provider. Our team will design a cloud solution to directly address your current needs and build for organic growth.
  • Cost-Effective: On more than one occasion we’ve helped a client to greatly reduce their cloud expenses without limiting their cloud capabilities — we may be able to do the same for you.

Enjoy A Superior Cloud

Our team can deliver private cloud computing solutions that will help increase your efficiency and productivity, without having to risk your data in a public cloud setting. As your private cloud management team, we will:

  • Work with you to assess, design, implement, and support cloud computing while reducing IT capital costs and increasing employee productivity.
  • Define business and technology requirements before we recommend a cloud strategy. Our team will work with your business and IT leaders to help compare costs over time and determine what role cloud computing should play in your plans.
  • Assess the business value and business impact before presenting you with a customized cloud strategy. As part of this assessment, we will make sound recommendations on public, private, or hybrid cloud environments that are the best fit for your business.

Talk to our team about our cloud solutions and how they will benefit your business.

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