Mathe Helps Spring Fertility Build And Maintain A Compliant, IT-Forward Medical Practice

Spring Fertility was founded in 2016 by two physicians who wanted to offer a truly patient-focused healthcare experience, which they didn’t believe was being offered in the public or private sectors otherwise. Using their experience in the medical sector already, they endeavored to establish a practice that capitalized on what worked in the field and improved upon what didn’t.

They developed a patient-focused fertility clinic, leveraging technology for a better experience for their clientele. Doing so required them to integrate IT from the ground up.

“We were taking a cloud-first approach to everything, but the only legacy component that existed were these EMR systems that were all on-prem servers and software,” says Derald Sue, COO, Spring Fertility.

One of the key priorities for Spring Fertility was to have a scalable, simple, and effective IT environment, which meant going with cloud-based infrastructure. The only issue was that a bulk of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software was older and not offered in a compliant and cloud-based arrangement.

In looking for an EMR solution that could fit their needs, Spring Fertility connected with Mellowood Medical Inc. This software provider brought Mathe into the picture to deliver what Spring Fertility was asking for.

“So, what Mellowood was offering was essentially leveraging Mathe as their partner to host at their data centers,” says Derald. “This got us that middle ground in a compliant way, but addressed one of our main goals around not having to support equipment and servers on-site.”

With Mathe hosting their EMR systems, Spring Fertility didn’t have to build a server room and host the infrastructure on-site. They now have their cloud-based IT environment, all of which is supported by Mathe to keep it operational and compliant.

“Security is paramount to us — data breaches, HIPAA violations, and other threats could have a real and material impact on our business,” says Derald. “Mathe has always been and continues to be security-focused, from third-party audits to their strong HIPAA compliance policies.”

Mathe isn’t just focused on the big picture either — despite operating from the other side of the country, Mathe is always available to offer support when Spring Fertility’s staff needs it.

“They’re an extremely responsive group, 24/7. As a busy fertility center, we’re open seven days a week, 365 days a year, and there is no weekend downtime for maintenance,” says Derald. “They’ve been very accommodating for scheduling proactive maintenance and upgrades around the clinical schedules. They’re extremely responsive anytime and all the time. “

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