How Virtual Desktops are Transforming Law Firms

The volume of data that flows through your law firm is immense. That’s why you need secure and reliable technology to complete your operations and enable teams to work from any location.

Most firms are now running on the cloud, leveraging web-based accounting and law software and simple storage solutions like Google Drive, DropBox, and Microsoft OneDrive. But getting the most from the cloud goes beyond simply relying on web-based software.

Modern law firms, especially those comprising more than eight team members, need more robust and sophisticated tools than the typical, basic cloud software. For example, to achieve optimal efficiency, you need comprehensive accounting and case management technology. It would also help if you had an advanced storage system that goes beyond simple folders and files.

Of course, you’re already used to your practice management software applications, and simply replacing the entire infrastructure would mean a new learning process. This is where the Virtual Desktop comes in.

What is a Virtual Desktop for Law Firm?

Virtual Desktop infrastructure is a technology that lets you run and manage your desktop operating system in a data center. Your entire desktop environment, including windows, wallpaper, widgets, toolbars, and folders, is stored on a remote server instead of a local computing device or client PC.

Desktop virtualization makes your practice’s software, which you would otherwise only access from your office PC or connect to your work servers. These solutions sometimes go by the name Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Behind the scenes, cloud-based servers managed by expert cloud service providers (CSPs) power the Virtual Desktop solution. This means that the CSP is responsible for system maintenance, backups, software updates, and security. Your team will only log into and out of your Virtual Desktop based on their needs.

This is more efficient and collaborative than the traditional computing environment, where one has to commute to the office to access the laptop or workstation.

How Desktop Virtualization Works

In traditional setups, all your applications are installed on individual computers, and everything runs locally. But this isn’t the case with the Virtual Desktop.

With desktop virtualization, users install only a few, if any, software tools on their local computers. Typically, the local desktop will have only one icon, a shortcut to log into the Virtual Desktop.

When any team member logs into their Virtual Desktop, they’ll have access to all the firm’s data, documents, and software from any location using any device. This includes:

  • Practice management software
  • Billing and accounting applications
  • Productivity software
  • Document management tools
  • Folders and files
  • Emails

Once you’ve deployed the Virtual Desktop, you won’t be tasked with installing, updating, and maintaining apps on every computing device within your legal practice. Instead, your CSP will ensure all the software you use is up to date.

How Virtual Desktops Fit in the Legal Industry?

Legal practitioners experience various unique technology challenges, including compliance, information security, and an increasingly mobile and remote workforce. Deployment of legal technology using cloud desktops lets organizations counter these hurdles head-on. As a result, this advanced approach offers the following benefits to your practice:


In Virtual Desktop setups, all case data is stored securely on a central location. Since case circumstances vary with each hearing, you may have to chalk out or tweak new defenses in the client’s best interest.

One key benefit of desktop virtualization is that it allows users to update case information from any location and in real-time. As a result, advocates and executives privy to the case will automatically receive the latest information.


The legal practice involves lots of travel, limiting professionals from accessing vital case-related data on the go. What’s more, practitioners may be required to visit specific client’s premises to apprise them about recent lawsuits. As such, professionals must access the relevant facts from any device.

Desktop virtualization lets you access case-related facts from various devices, including the PC, tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Workforce Mobility

Your law firm is probably operating globally or has this as part of your company goals. At this level, you’ll likely handle several multi-jurisdictional cases that may require you to interact with local attorneys with a better understanding of the region’s local laws.

Thanks to the Virtual Desktop, you can onboard such lawyers with ease. It also allows you to stay ahead of seasonal industry trends efficiently and affordably, and you can easily leverage the services of fresh talent.


Another excellent benefit of Virtual Desktops is that you can create and decommission it in a matter of minutes. With this rapid scalability, companies find the solution to be highly efficient and viable. You don’t require an elaborate IT team to manage the simple process. What’s more, most CSPs offer a straightforward and intuitive user interface that allows you to manage the scaling Virtual Desktop.

Security and Sensitivity

Legal cases are among the most sensitive information, and every litigant relies on it to gain case mileage. Sometimes, the fate of a few pieces of information or documents could be a tipping point for a case outcome. As such, you can’t afford to let highly sensitive data fall into the wrong hands via a ransomware attack.

Desktop virtualization is highly secure, storing the data in the CSP’s secure data centers. These have multi-layered security structures designed to protect your sensitive data.

Disaster Recovery

Virtual Desktops can be a massive boost to your disaster recovery plan. Most CSPs offer highly reliable, robust, and cost-effective disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as part of their offerings. Considering the critical nature of legal practitioners, this can be an excellent plus point. You don’t need to procure in-house hardware to enjoy this feature.

It’s Time to Deploy Your Virtual Desktop

The Virtual Desktop infrastructure offers on-demand desktops to your legal practice anywhere, anytime, and on any device. As a result, all team members will enjoy full access to their entire workstation remotely using their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The immense benefits of desktop virtualization culminate in a more productive team and an increased bottom line. So if you still haven’t made the crucial move, you’re missing out, big-time. But it’s never too late.

Partnering with Mathe can be a great decision to aid your move to a highly efficient and secure Virtual Desktop. You can count on us for tech insight and IT support, and we’ll ensure all your digital assets are safe, secure, and available.

Talk to us today about your virtual desktop.

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