What 2021 Taught Us About Cybercrime

As the head of your business, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s properly defended against the latest cybercrime threats.

Since the start of the pandemic, the rate of cyberattacks grew 400%—have you upgraded or improved your cybersecurity practices over the past year?

The Top 3 Cybersecurity Lessons You Need To Learn From 2021

  1. Cybercrime Is On The Rise: You can’t expect cybercrime to go away if you ignore it. Year after year, cybercriminals launch more advanced and more frequent attacks against business owners like yourself.

  2. Cybercrime Is Common: Don’t assume you’re safe. Tens of thousands of cybercrime attacks occur every day, and it’s only a matter of time until you’re targeted.

  3. Every Business Is At Risk: You only hear about big-name data breaches in the news, but small businesses are just as at-risk—or even more so, considering how much less they can afford to spend on cybersecurity.

You Can’t “DIY” Your Cybersecurity

Are you trying to handle cybersecurity on your own?

Even if you deployed all the necessary cybersecurity technologies, invested in all the necessary tools and solutions, and did everything you could to protect your business, you’d still be missing one thing—cybersecurity expertise.

That’s why the wise (and cost-effective) course of action is to partner with an expert third party that can manage your cybersecurity for you…

The Most Direct Way To Improve Your Cybersecurity

The best way to enhance your cybersecurity in the coming year is to invest in expert assistance and guidance from an outsourced company that specializes in cybersecurity.

Don’t let your cybersecurity suffer, and don’t assume you have to handle it all on your own. An expert outsourced provider (like Mathe), can take over your cybersecurity management processes and equip you with a range of advanced cybersecurity solutions.

However, no matter how much you invest in cybersecurity solutions and technologies, you can’t afford to forget about what is potentially your biggest cybersecurity liability…

Don’t Overlook The First Line of Defense: Your Staff Members

Each and every staff member of yours has a role to play in your business’s cybersecurity. Every time they open an email or visit a website, they could be putting the company at risk.

The fact is that what your employees know about cybersecurity, and how securely they use IT can directly affect the future of your business. If you’re breached, the best-case scenario is thousands, if not millions of dollars in damage.

This is why user awareness is such a critical part of cybersecurity. You wouldn’t expect your staff members to be able to do their jobs without being trained first, right? The same goes for their ability to contribute to company-wide cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is by far the most effective way to defend your organization from social engineering tactics like phishing, ransomware, and other user-targeted scams.

Need Expert Cybersecurity Guidance?

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that you can’t cut corners on cybersecurity.

Mathe can help you assess your cybersecurity and develop a plan to enhance it with the right solutions. We can also implement a robust cybersecurity training curriculum to help your staff members understand how to defend your business.

Start improving your cybersecurity by getting in touch with the Mathe team.


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