Mathe Helped This Southern California Fertility Center’s Develop Their IT Environment

When this fertility practice needed expert assistance developing an IT environment that met their needs, they came to Mathe.

If you were starting a new business right now, would you know where to begin with IT?

It’s a great relationship, Mathe is on top of everything they’re doing. You just can’t work with better guys.

Southern California Fertility Center COO

If you’re not an IT expert, then you probably wouldn’t. And that’s OK.

Your job isn’t to manage IT — it’s to find the right people to handle your IT for you. That’s precisely why this Southern California fertility center’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) came to Mathe.

This Fertility Center Needed Their IT Handled Properly From Square One

Among the many other steps involved in launching a fertility center, this COO was in charge of getting the IT environment off the ground. Starting from square one, they needed to enlist the right people for the many different components involved in the process.

If they didn’t have the right people assisting with the project, they would have inevitably encountered a series of problems:

  • An incorrect configuration would immediately lead to performance issues with their new systems.
  • Overly general IT services wouldn’t be capable of designing an IT environment to fit their operation’s exact needs, such as HIPAA compliance and strong cybersecurity benchmarks.
  • Correcting the mistakes made during the development process would cost more money in the near future.

With time, money, and other critical resources on the line, this fertility center’s COO couldn’t afford to trust the wrong people to help with his new IT environment.

Fortunately, he knew just who to call.

That’s When This Southern California Fertility Center’s COO Called Mathe

This COO had already worked with us at a previous company and knew he could trust our team to handle critical components in their new IT environment, from communications to security.

“They were great to work with, their tech support was great, their knowledge, they’re always up on everything,” says this COO. “The security, the HIPAA compliance, everything you could ever want in a company, and they’re easy to work with.”

In order to manage their IT properly, we first met with this fertility center to discuss their needs and priorities. There’s no point in developing an IT environment if you don’t know what it will be used for.

Once we understood what they needed from their IT, we got to work procuring and installing a range of hardware solutions. After we had carefully planned their systems, we began the process of setting them up:

  • Hosting their IT environment: We hosted their data in a Private Cloud through our data center, offering all vital network components including VDI and EMR software.
  • Deploying their network hardware: We configured and deployed network, VoIP, and security hardware that was ready for their sites, including Extreme switches and Sophos firewalls.
  • Helping them communicate: We configured and deployed their Star2Star VoIP systems.

We Hosted This Southern California Fertility Center’s IT To Keep Them Flexible, Secure, And Supported

“Mathe was who I went with so that we could keep our tech footprint small,” says this COO. “They take care of everything, and we rely on them for technology.”

By hosting their systems in our data center, this fertility center gained a number of advantages with their IT:

  • Convenient Accessibility: With their systems hosted by our team, this fertility center’s staff of 45 users could easily access their virtual desktops from anywhere with an Internet connection. This made it easy for them to work remotely and on the go, with no compromise to their productivity or quality of user experience.
  • Outsourced Maintenance: Managing an IT infrastructure isn’t only expensive, but time-consuming as well. Upgrading and other forms of maintenance are necessary to ensure their servers are in optimal condition, which is why they outsource the work to Mathe.
  • Iron Clad Security: This data center allows them to store their desktops, data and applications with a vast range of digital and physical security measures to ensure they’re safe from all threats. Managed firewall, antivirus, anti-spam measures, multiple layers of access control, onsite security personnel, and more ensure the security of their server data so that they can do their work without having to worry.
  • Cost-Effect: The simple fact is that it would cost millions of dollars in capital for them to build, manage and operate a data center of their own, from the hardware to the certifications and training for management staff, and so on. By outsourcing their IT environment to Mathe for a simple monthly rate, they get everything they need at a small fraction of the cost.

“The hosted platform, where you have your own Windows desktop, lets you work from anywhere, it’s very secure,” says this COO. “I was really impressed with how they handled the security, the uptime, and when you have a good internet connection, you can’t even tell you’re working remotely.”

By bringing Mathe in from the very beginning of the project, this fertility center made sure their new IT environment was developed correctly from the ground up. No fixes or upgrades were necessary in the time after they started working — everything was done correctly the first time.

Mathe Recommended The Best Third-Parties To This Southern California Fertility Center

It’s not uncommon to find IT companies that try to do everything for their clients.

They want to be a one-stop-shop, which, if managed correctly, can certainly be convenient. However, in highly specialized industries like healthcare, it’s nearly impossible for one vendor to handle all technical matters.

Unlike some IT companies that try to be a “jack of all trades” (but master of none), Mathe focused specifically on hosting and IT consulting services for this fertility center in Southern California.

Mathe opts to focus on doing what we do best, and then facilitate additional services by suggesting vendors that we know to be accomplished at what they do.

When it came to local IT support at their multiple locations and specialized HIPAA compliance support services, Mathe helped by recommending trusted, expert third-parties.

“Everyone they’ve recommended has been good, there has not been a dud in the bunch that they’ve recommended,” says this COO.

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