Time Matters Law Practice Software & The Cloud

Time Matters is relied upon by many North American law firms. The software offers an efficient way to manage clients, legal matters, and documents.

But organizations of all types, including legal firms, are seeking ways to eliminate in-house servers and IT teams. And remote work, which became a necessity when the pandemic hit, is now popular, helping to fuel the move to cloud services, for ease of access to data and software.

But is the cloud secure? Might it be better for a law firm to maintain a dedicated server in-house, and to utilize Time Matters software in its traditional form? Time Matters law practice software has become an accepted, reliable tool for legal firms. Cloud service has come a long way over the past few years.

Here, we take a look at the features of Time Matters, and cloud service’s current status to determine whether it’s safe and sensible to  opt for the cloud when high levels of security are required.

Features of Time Matters Practice Management Software

Maybe you are already using Time Matters. If not, you’ll want to learn about this valuable practice management tool. A server/desktop-based software, Time Matters can be operated and accessed from your office, on your own servers – or hosted in a Private Cloud and utilized in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Featuring a foundation on Microsoft’s SQL database, Time Matters offers customizability as a key feature. The ability to personalize processes encompasses screens and reports to creation of custom database queries. Workflows and events can be adjusted for each firm’s specific needs as well.

Basic billing capabilities and the ability to integrate with programs like PCLaw and Juris add versatility to cover each firm’s individualized accounting needs. A large network of independent legal software consultants is available to support your effort to obtain the greatest possible benefit from the customization of this versatile, multifaceted software.

Time Matters has established itself as a highly reliable software for firms needing a sophisticated system to manage varied client cases and legal matters; firms in need of detailed, personalized functions, document management and billing capabilities.

Basic Benefits of Cloud Services

The advantages of the cloud are becoming more attractive to businesses and legal firms. Ease of access from varied locations is one obvious benefit, but that’s not the only reason to switch to the cloud.

Cloud service lessens staff hours needed for functional and security-related IT matters, thus reducing expenses. The cloud service provider will take on the responsibility of keeping software secure and operational.

The reliability of new software designed for the cloud can make updating a good business decision.

Is it Difficult to Switch to Time Matters Cloud Service?

Time Matters is easily available in cloud service form. Switching doesn’t require specialized equipment or much effort.

Since Time Matters does the hosting for cloud-based services, making the switch frees a firm from the responsibilities of in-house software equipment and maintenance problems. Subscribing firms gain the benefits of the software’s wide range of functions without the problems of server and equipment ownership.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Time Matters Software

Modern law firms must offer flexible work options. In addition to working from home due to pandemic conditions, attorneys and support staff need to be able to work wherever they find themselves, at any time.

They require universal access to the law firm’s network for such tasks as reviewing contracts from remote locations or checking court deadlines while on-site with clients. There should be a means of entering billable hours from home, with any type of device.

Time Matters implemented through cloud services offers these features, plus the following.

VPN and remote-computer-login “solutions” aren’t necessary for secure, universal access for approved associates. A secure, yet easy-to-use Virtual Desktop offers firms access to legal software, documents, and email from anywhere.

Time Matters and Cloud Server Security

Data is never more secure simply because it’s in a physical building. If your firm’s server is connected to the Internet, your data is already accessible to hackers and other online threats. The question isn’t where data is stored, but who is managing it.

Cloud service companies are focused on data security and can afford to provide high-caliber infrastructure. Cloud service managed by a reputable company offers greater protection than a less than fully managed on-site server.

With the proliferation of cyber-attacks, and the increasing stringency of compliance requirements, utilizing Time Matters software set up to work within a private cloud platform that’s monitored and maintained, is a wise decision.

Private Cloud Protection With Time Matters Software

Utilizing a cloud service doesn’t mean your data is easily available to others. To optimize security, Time Matters cloud-based software is set up to function within a private cloud. A private cloud is a hosted, managed, IT platform that provides services as secure and reliable as an onsite server would.

Private clouds host legal applications like documents, email and more. Time Matters remains a server-based software, but a private cloud provides each firm with its own separate personal network, server, directory, database, providing versatile, economically beneficial and highly secure capabilities.

Time Matters Cloud Service Provides Versatility

Time Matters in the cloud, especially on the Virtual Desktop platform, gives Mac users an identical experience to that of Time Matters software utilized by PC users. Virtual desktops are, by nature, not attached to a particular system.

It’s also possible to add or remove users, applications, storage or other features when you need to. Your firm will stay agile when working in the cloud with Time Matters.

Time Matters Cloud Service is More Economical

We’ve worked with many law firms to conduct a side-by-side financial analysis of cloud versus on-premise IT. Consistently, we discovered that the total cost of ownership is significantly less in a private cloud. This remained true in nearly every case.

Conclusion: Time Matters is Better in the Cloud

The features of traditional Time Matters practice management software are appreciated by many legal firms.

As our review noted, Time Matters cloud-based service offers a wide range of benefits, including security, cost savings, increased services and versatility, with no apparent drawbacks. When responsibly installed and maintained by a top-rated IT company offering exceptional services and support, we conclude that Time Matters is even better in the cloud.

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