Little Rock Law Firm Reaches Out To Mathe For Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud computing has become a convenient part of our lives, from streaming videos online to using smart devices at home. However, this convenience is not limited to personal use as businesses have become benefactors of the technology. Companies across various industries are now incorporating cloud-based technologies to realize greater efficiency and cost-saving benefits.

Law firms are not left behind in utilizing some aspect of cloud-based technology. But to achieve the full benefits of cloud computing, they require the assistance of professional cloud computing companies to set up secure cloud solutions. That’s where Mathe comes in.

Law Firm Cloud Hosting Services

What We Offer

Our services eliminate the hesitation of moving your law services to the cloud by educating you on how the cloud operates. With this knowledge, you can differentiate between traditional practice management methods and eliminate your worries about security. We achieve this by providing you with a private cloud server that hosts your server-based software in the cloud.

Our private cloud service is exclusive to your law firm and accessible to authorized personnel only, anywhere, anytime. The service replaces your law firm’s server and IT infrastructure with a hosted virtual desktop that makes it possible for your staff to access files and apps via any device.

Why Use Private Cloud Services for Your Law Firm

Mathe understands the complexity and sensitivity of every law firm’s client information and concerns about sharing public cloud services. In addition, we are familiar with your concern on how to control where you store your data and who can access that information. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing your private cloud services.

With our services, you shouldn’t let security concerns keep you from accessing the advantages of the cloud, maximizing your firm’s performance. With private cloud systems and programs, your firm’s data is hosted in a single-tenant environment and allocated segregation, encryption, and resources specific to your law firm. As a result, you can enjoy maximum cloud services benefits with all the security of traditional onsite servers. In addition, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Eliminates Downtime and IT Related Issues

Whether you are a large or small firm, you require a server to securely and reliably host your law firm’s software and client information. While a physical server may seem like a viable solution, it’s prone to breaking down and regular maintenance to keep it running.

Recurring server problems can cost your firm a lot of time, limiting your productivity. In addition, server downtimes pose a threat to your firms’ ability to maintain your client’s confidential information in a secure environment.

Our private cloud system comes with updates, repair, and maintenance as part of the service package. You can, therefore, rest assured that hosting your law firm services with us eliminates all the IT server-related headaches.

Consistent Availability

Unlike on-premise servers and software that limit your staff to operating from a single desktop or laptop, cloud-based legal software allows authorized personnel in your law firm to access data from anywhere at any time. As a result, you become more flexible and agile to meet the client’s demands.

With our private cloud hosting services, everything is installed in a virtual server, allowing your legal staff to handle off-site meetings, courthouse appearances, and engage in in-transit communication.

Enhances Your Data Security

While many law firms fear becoming victims of cybersecurity breaches, many assume their data is more secure on-site. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth since theft and data breaches are more prevalent with in-office systems.

Mathe cloud hosting services continuously save and store your data in the cloud, protecting it from physical dangers such as natural disasters. In addition, it gives you the freedom to control who has access to your data. If you wish, you can apply security measures that limit the accessibility of specific case files or records.

Improves Your Firm’s Efficiency and Reliability

For firms with more than one office or remote worker, it can be hard to manage data and applications. If you’re in such an office setting, you may find yourself dealing with duplicate data or irritatingly slow VPNs.

We help you eliminate this problem by providing a centralized system where all your employees can access the firm’s software, data, emails, and documents. In addition, private cloud services give your staff uniform data access, improving the employee experience and boosting efficiency.

Should You Move to a Private Cloud System?

In addition to the above benefits, you’re probably looking for better ways to collaborate with clients. Mathe private cloud hosting services help you with the day-to-day computing challenges you may be facing. But migrating to the cloud comes with its challenges, making it essential to consider the practical, technical, legal, and ethical challenges of making the decision.

Our services take extra precautions in protecting your client’s data, eliminating any ethical risks that might come with migrating to the cloud. At Mathe, we have the appropriate and necessary security measures in place to prevent our client’s data from being compromised. In addition, we have in-build multi-factor authentication and full encryption in transit that enhance maximum data security.

We provide you with cloud hosting services through our desktop as a service solution even when you are on a tight budget. In addition, this service eliminates the need to hire an in-house team to provide you with end-user support for your workstation.

How Can Mathe Help Your Law Firm?

We pride ourselves on solving clients’ problems creatively. Our team of experts provides our customers with on-demand support, making a huge difference in their IT operations at no extra cost. In addition, we ensure that your law firm’s cloud computing licenses are up to date, meeting the required legal requirements.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of moving your law firm services to the cloud, we’ll be glad to help. We have numerous years of collective experience. Our team is always ready to provide you with a lean approach to technology at an affordable cost while improving your overall customer experience.

Contact us today and let’s help you improve your overall legal services, drive performance, and deliver better customer services.

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