Why Small Businesses Should Consider a Private Cloud Versus Microsoft 365 OneDrive

Many small business owners struggle to manage costs while trying to grow. The availability of cloud-based software solutions and data services makes it easy to add new employees and expand services. Still, there are drawbacks to using cloud services like Microsoft’s OneDrive Storage solution. Even though OneDrive is produced and supported by Microsoft, one of the world’s largest companies and undoubtedly a leader in small business solutions, basic storage solutions might not be a good fit for your business. To make an informed decision, you should look at the pros and cons of using a private, custom storage solution versus the one-type fits all solutions available from Microsoft.

Problems with Cloud Storage Solutions

Using a Microsoft OneDrive Storage solution can be an easy decision to make. First of all, OneDrive is included with Microsoft Teams and is bundled with Microsoft 365 solutions. Microsoft has basic back-up and security options with business plans and provides standard support. If your business uses a personal or basic OneDrive solution, your subscription may not include these services.

Generic Solutions

Microsoft sells millions of subscriptions to businesses of all sizes. Their lower-level tiers include many generic storage and security solutions that may or may not be needed by your company. You can talk to a customer support representative on the phone, but for the most part, you’re options are to choose whatever services Microsoft bundles together for you. You might not even use the features they make available.

OneDrive Doesn’t Backup Your Data

OneDrive provides data backup options, but you need to set up those options. It is easy to forget about basic data backup protocols if you are busy managing your business. If you are not backing up your data, then a simple cybersecurity breach may shut down your business, and you may lose the data in your OneDrive system.

Nobody is Managing Your Data

Your employees store their data on OneCloud, but nobody at Microsoft monitors how the data is stored and safe and secured. Basic storage plans do not offer advanced monitoring or analytics to help you manage your data storage requirements. You may be paying for outdated or unnecessary storage for information that could be archived or simply deleted. With a generic storage plan, you do not have control or visibility into what data is stored and how it is managed.


Microsoft OneDrive offers security features for premium subscriptions, but if you use a basic pricing-tier, your data is subject to being breached or stolen by cybercriminals. If you do pay for security measures, how good are those tools and are they updated regularly.

Privacy and Compliance

If your business handles sensitive data, you may not even be able to use Microsoft OneDrive due to privacy and regulatory concerns. For instance, if you provide medical services, you must comply with HIPAA regulations. While Microsoft documentation does state OneDrive is HIPAA compliant with a signed business associate agreement (BAA), it does not mean you are in full compliance. Your organization should conduct a risk assessment and log activities in case of a compliance audit. Microsoft does not provide these services for you.

Specific Issues with Microsoft OneDrive Storage

Like any cloud-service, there can be problems and restrictions related to storage and usage. According to Microsoft support, OneDrive has a file limit of 100GB, which may cause synchronization problems. Small business owners and their IT support team need to be aware of these issues to avoid productivity lapses and downtime for remote employees who may not be mindful of any storage limitations.

Benefits of Using a Private Cloud Storage Solution

Trying to save money by purchasing a lower-priced subscription may seem like a smart move in the short-term, but is it the best decision? A customized, private cloud solution is designed for your business. Cloud-storage experts work with you to meet your specific needs. You will not pay for services you don’t need, and you can depend on a support team to monitor your cloud solution for cybersecurity and other risks.

The Mathe IT Fortress cloud services solution looks at your entire IT infrastructure and combines different backup and security solutions into one cohesive cloud solution. Our services include security and monitoring services to meet regulatory compliance needs. Our around-the-clock operations team makes sure your data is available anywhere in the world at any time.

Not sure whether to use a public, private or hybrid cloud solution? The Mathe IT Fortress team will conduct a complete assessment and help you make the most cost-effective decision for your cloud services needs. Call Mathe at 973-334-1700 or contact us via our website

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