The Ultimate Guide on the Effective Usage of ProLaw in the Cloud

Many forward-thinking law firms have ditched their on-premise servers and switched to the cloud, and the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. And it’s easy to see why this is the case; in-house IT and servers are synonymous with high costs, headaches, insufficient security, inflexibility, etc. On the contrary, the cloud offers cost-saving opportunities, enhanced security, reliability, scalability, and mobility.

So the big question is, how can law firms committed to premise-based legal practice management software like ProLaw migrate to the cloud and enjoy the benefits offered? That’s where a Private Cloud comes into play! The platform securely hosts all law firm’s technologies, including practice management software.

Today, we focus exclusively on ProLaw. In this guide:

  • What is ProLaw?
  • How does ProLaw work in the cloud?
  • What are the benefits of hosting ProLaw in the cloud?

What is ProLaw?

If you’re new to practice management technology like ProLaw, or you’re considering adopting it in your firm, this brief overview will be an excellent start. However, if your firm already uses this software, feel free to jump to the next section.

Back to the subject, ProLaw is a one-of-a-kind server/desktop-based legal practice management suite. That means it can either run on an on-premise infrastructure or get hosted in a Private Cloud (more details below). Generally, the suite can be divided into the following categories:

  • Practice Management. ProLaw can take care of such law firm tasks as time-tracking, billing, calendaring, case/matter management, and client & contact management in this capacity.
  • Document Management. This entails storing, organizing, and searching all the documents saved to a matter.
  • Accounting. ProLaw also completes all trust and business accounting functionalities.

Having all these functionalities under one roof is a real deal-maker. Hence the reason many law firms resort to ProLaw for their legal practice management needs. Anyway, let’s switch our focus to the main topic of discussion – its migration and usage in the cloud!

How does ProLaw Work in the Cloud?

Before cloud computing reached the grassroots, most software (including practice management software like ProLaw) was hosted on an on-site server and ran on each end-user’s desktop. But acquiring, managing, and maintaining an in-house server has an absolute headache, let alone very costly. Luckily, the fast-paced technological transformation brought about a Private Cloud, which changed the whole narrative.

Typically, a Private Cloud is a hosted, managed platform that provides the same services and functionalities of an on-prem server – only better. It can host legal software solutions, services, applications, emails, documents, etc., but this time around, providing more security, reliability, flexibility, and mobility.

So when your law firm migrates its practice management software – ProLaw – to a private cloud, you’ll access the following services and features:

  • Microsoft SQL server for running the ProLaw system
  • Cloud storage system for storing your files and folders
  • IT help desk support for addressing all your team’s IT-related concerns
  • Office 365 productivity suite
  • Exchange Email
  • Server security, maintenance, and backup solutions
  • All-round support, including maintenance and updates, for ProLaw and other legal software
  • Hosting for ProLaw and other law practice software

You only need a virtual desktop to access and use these privately hosted services and features anywhere and on any device. Typically, virtual desktops make it effortless to access your work documents, files, data, applications, or ProLaw software since they aren’t tied to a single physical location. Thus, any authorized personnel can log in to the system and access ProLaw anytime, anywhere, and on any device. And the best part? You no longer need to maintain or update the apps on your entire firm’s computers – that responsibility now belongs to your cloud provider.

What are the Benefits of Hosting ProLaw in the Cloud?

Earlier, we mentioned that you can either run ProLaw in-house or in the cloud. Let’s explain why the latter is more beneficial to your law firm than the former.

Flexibility and Scalability

The cloud has always been flexible and scalable by default, and you can expect nothing different when hosting ProLaw on the platform. That means you can effortlessly add and remove apps, programs, users, features, and storage capacity on an in-need basis. That’s a massive step-up from the rigid on-prem server, and it helps your firm stay agile.

Optimal Data Security

Law firms usually store and interact with sensitive information, putting them on cybercriminals’ radar since such data may prove valuable in the dark market. Thankfully, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of falling prey to unforgiving hackers by moving your IT infrastructure to a private cloud, which provides military-grade protection to your firm’s sensitive data.


Does your firm have multiple offices or support a remote working setup? If so, you’ll love a private cloud’s mobility capability. That is, all your staff, regardless of their present location, time, or device can effortlessly access and use ProLaw and other legal practice software.


Generally, hosting ProLaw in a private cloud is way cheaper than resorting to an on-prem server. That’s because you don’t need to purchase a server, neither do you need to hire a full-time IT expert to maintain and manage it. The only cost you’ll incur is a monthly service fee (dependent on your cloud resources usage), making it a more economical option.

Top-Quality Reliability

Top-rated Private Cloud providers like Mathe have some of the most advanced infrastructures that guarantee optimal reliability and less downtime. And perhaps more importantly, reliable providers also offer round-the-clock monitoring and management services to optimize productivity by resolving technical issues proactively.

Mathe is Your Top-Rated Private Cloud Hosting Team For Your Law Firm!

Have you been looking for the most reliable and responsive private cloud hosting firm for your practice management software  – ProLaw – without success? If so, your misery ends here! Mathe is a reliable cloud services company in New Jersey with immense experience and expertise in private cloud hosting for ProLaw and other legal practice software.

We not only eliminate the IT headaches of on-premise server-based hosting but also ensure that our clients save massively on costs while using the cloud infrastructure. Our highly educated experts realize that feat by frequently evaluating your usage of ProLaw in the cloud to remove unutilized resources, analyze configurations, optimize database use, among other cost-saving best practices.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for the most effective usage of ProLaw in the cloud!

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